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2/24/14 2:37 P

Eating away from home can present challenges but it can also create excuses. There are many healthy options at many restaurants and substitutions you can make to make your meals nutrient wise. Here are some resources to help you plan ahead and learn strategies to make healthy choices when eating away from home.

SparkPeople Dining Out Guide

Eating Away From Home

85 Tips & Strategies for Dining Out
Take the Challenge Out of Dining

Coach Tanya

2/21/14 10:53 A

This is my main problem also. What I've started doing is slowly weaning off of soda. It originally started because I was sick. I went from ordering water just once or twice when I went out to eat. I'm currently in the process of just adding more water to my diet. You don't have to cut out soda completely, just only drink it rarely. I call that my "splurge day."

2/20/14 12:00 P

Hello my name is Chloe and I am considered right on the brink of obesity. My biggest problem is when I go out to eat I most of the time get soda and I normally drink and two 12oz glasses. Plus me and my parents eat-out a lot! I need help!

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