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can you buy him junk food that you don't like? is there a spot on the pantry that is hard for you to see and could you rearrange so that his stuff is there?
can you make the things you both like just a little bit better? because if you switch to steamed tofu and veggies with wheatgress shots from big macs, most people aren't going to take that. if you add a half cup of cauliflower into the pot of 3 200 g potatoes for mashed potatoes that's probably going to slide. just like using the cooking water to mash the potatoes, adding greek yogurt in place of milk, and using a pat or two of butter instead of a stick. or adding an extra half cup of peppers or onions or beans to your favorite chili recipe. or even baking the breaded appetizers instead of deep frying them. none of these changes is huge, but that's the point. it is starting with where you are and making one small tweak to the foods. once you can normalize those tweaks, you can start tweaking again in the direction you want. if you go by this baby step way, you can make more headway. because you're not making huge changes all at once.

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Ramp up the will power, and allow yourself some small indulgences.

My husband's eating a little better, but really it's a struggle to convince him to eat healthy. Especially when he's the primary cook, and rarely cooks any vegetables, aside from the occasional pot of peas or potatoes.

I just make the decisions I can. I eat the occasional samoa, but I stick to just one. It's okay to have bad stuff, as long as you can control how much of it you eat.

Keep healthier options, too. You're less inclined to eat a half a bag of samoas if you have a healthy alternative available to satisfy the craving for sweet!

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3/26/12 4:18 P

I know just how you feel. I've tried to lose weight before without my fella on board and it just fizzled out in the end. He is on board this time and I am wearing a size 8 (!!! Never have I ever worn a single digit size). I will swear up and down that it is his help and support that did it.

I know you say he is not interested, but this might have to be one of those times that you put your foot down majorly hard. If this matters to you like it mattered to me, you need to make sure he fully 100% realizes that. I let my boyfriend know how this was a life long struggle, it was at the root of all my insecurities, that I wanted to change before I start a new life in a new country, and that I had tried for so long without any result. He saw how it hurt me and say "okay". Tell him how him bringing home fast food makes you feel. Talk about respect and support and getting you through a tough time. Tell him how much this matters to you. When you approach him about this, don't make it about him, make it about you, how you feel, your weight, how he can help you.

And that is important. Tell him EXACTLY how he can help you. I told my fella that it was important that (A) he didn't suggest we order pizza (B) he never ever ever suggested I try one bite of anything (C) that he reminded me of my diet in restaurants, even in front of people and (D) be willing to talk about the diet every day. Turns out he wanted clear instructions and I gave them to him. Perfecto.

Now here is the kicker: if he really really isn't into losing weight, you need to let him do whatever he wants outside of the home. Buy him a plastic bin that he can fill with horrible snacks that he can keep at work or in his car. Tell him he can eat whatever he feels like as long as you don't see it and are not expected to buy it. Volunteer to do all of the grocery shopping (that was part of my deal with the fella) and make his snacks be something he does on his own. If he can't be trusted to make healthy food for the both of you, you are going to have to do it. Set a date (Wednesday?) to have your pantry be clean of evil, he can haul everything elsewhere before then. Separate the evil that he has to get rid of for him.

Yes, it is his house too, but if you have clearly explained to him how important this is to you, he should be on board, at least to try. He probably just doesn't realize that this means a lot to you.

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Hi! I'm sure this has been asked before in many ways, but I wasn't able to pull much up with search so here it is again.

Any tips for someone looking to lose weight while their spouse (or room mate, whatever) is not interested in participating?

My husband could lose some weight, but especially could eat healthier for his cholesterol which is genetically catastrophic. He is not, however, interested at all. He continues to buy cookies, chips, and bring Fast Food home on his dinner nights. I know I can't force him to do anything, but one of the first steps I read is to "rid your pantry of unhealthy temptations"... what if that's not an option?

I quit smoking while he still smoked and he quit a few months after so I understand the struggle and the benefits, but I'm REALLY struggling to eat well when there are four boxes of somoas in the pantry. Any ideas?

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