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10/10/13 2:27 P

it would be really great if kids had access to a garden. My sis did an 'outdoor classroom' at her son's school. There are some vegetable plants, and some flowers. The students help maintain the area. It gives them a chance to actually SEE where some of their food comes from, and they seem to be more likely to taste veggies that they've had a hand in growing.

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10/10/13 2:26 P

actually.... I have a tip for parents with children who shy away from fruit.
As a kid, I had fruit allergies. Mother thought it was being stubborn, until she saw the swollen lips and throat. At first everyone thought it was the pesticides they used.
As an adult, I eventually tried re-introducing fruit little by little and succeeded.

Turns out, there is such a thing as fruit allergies.
here is good to know info

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Mom has always known best. They gave us all two pieces of advice to help us live happy and healthy lives that as we got older, we ignored. 1) eat your veggies 2) go outside and play

If you want healthy kids, it really does start with the parents. We don't think so some time, but kids really do learn from their parents. So, if their parents don't live healthy lifestyles, they won't. We have to practice what we preach. We can't say eat your veggies if that's not something we do ourselves.

If I were to go back in time, one thing I would do is continue to make exercise fun. I may have been a chubby child, but I was an active one. I loved roller skating. Well, exercise should be fun. Kids shouldn't feel that they have to exercise to keep their weight down.

Also, they should be introduced to different types of fruits and veggies. I know kids can be picky eaters, but make a game out of trying new veggies. Get the kids involved in cooking. make them part of the process of creating the family meal.

Which is another tip for healthy kids i.e. eat as a family. don't eat at separate times. that's a big problem. we don't eat as a family anymore.

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10/10/13 1:56 P

I have chance once a month for 30 minutes to influence the health and fitness of kids! I want to teach them about health and nutrition as well as fitness and exercise. Do you have suggestions of things you wish you knew as a kid that would set you up for a long life of health?

We aren't going to talk about losing weight but just teaching them to be healthy and active. All of us on Sparkpeople are in different stages of our healthy living journeys and we all started in different places. I would love your input!

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