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7/8/14 1:16 P

Yu Choy - It's a kind of Asian leafy green veggie that is great for all kinds of dishes. Adds protein and nutrients, as well as lots of fiber.

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7/8/14 1:14 P

Artichokes! you can buy them in cans or frozen - low in calories, high in fiber. A half cup of artichoke hearts, boiled and drained, is 45 calories and 7 grams of fiber. That's a small amount for so much fiber! I recently made a spread with that, non-fat yogurt, and chick peas,

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7/8/14 12:53 P

Thanks Becky!

7/7/14 8:41 P

thanks for the tips :)

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7/7/14 7:19 P

Thank you, Becky!

7/7/14 7:18 P

It is best to use a variety of foods to meet your fiber needs for the day.
Many foods will have "natural fiber" like beans, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, whole grains. Some may have "added fiber" like those high fiber bars and cereals. Variety is the key!

I think this link will take you to the article.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

And remember----Sparkpeople is always about sharing in a positive manner!

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7/7/14 6:56 P

Just read an article here on SP that offered a chart of the highest fiber foods. They were FiberOne cereal and another one that's slipping my mind and then beans. Fruits and veggies were also high on the list. If I can find the article again, I'll come back to edit in a link...

New here..I guess links aren't allowed. If you do a SP search for "fiber" it's the very first return

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7/7/14 6:44 P

I feel like everyone (except the last poster, thank you! :) Is forgetting about how much more you get out of fibrous fruits and vegetables... then a fcarb-filled high fibre cereal! (Cereal is really a treat in my world! Unless it's oatmeal, or straight up bran!)

Basically ANY vegetable (especially your green & leafy ones) pack more vitamins and fibre (and water!) then these cereals out on the market!

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7/7/14 6:30 P

Thanks for these suggestions on fiber. I will use them!

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7/7/14 5:29 P

Raspberries and blackberries are especially good for fibre. I buy frozen raspberries, thaw a serving overnight, and add them to plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. I usually add All-Bran Buds, too, for something close to half my daily fibre intake. Broccoli, pears, avocados and chickpeas are some of my other favourites.

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7/7/14 5:16 P

Do you like oatmeal? There is some high fiber oatmeal that has 10 grams of fiber in each serving. So, you could eat the oatmeal and an apple (which has 5 grams of fiber) at breakfast and get a little over 60% of your fiber just at breakfast.

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7/7/14 2:51 P

I often have a bowl of Fiber One cereal for breakfast or a Thomas English Muffin (the light ones have 8 g of fiber). Also add a half cup of beans to my lunch salad. Whole wheat pasta is another good source of fiber as are fruit and vegetables. Most days I have 35 0 40 g of fiber.

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7/7/14 2:48 P

I noticed on nutrition feedback that I rarely got enough daily fiber. This morning I found a great article on SP about best breakfast cereals. It showed Fiber One original is loaded with fiber (and it's low in calories). I bought a box today and am adding a tablespoon or two to my yogurt snack. I'm getting fiber I wouldn't have otherwise, adding crunch to my "go to" snack and having very few calories. I also plan to have half Fiber One and half other healthy cereal for breakfast.

Purchased double fiber bread as well. Only a few more calories per serving that the light bread I typically use and I believe the additional fiber makes it worth it.

My feedback reports provided valuable information on what I needed and the article gave me tools to address the need. Thanks SparksPeople for the info and inspiration!

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