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5/4/12 10:57 A

hahahaha this post really made me giggle i now need a name for mine im thinking Bertha big belly really suits her that is is belly named emoticon

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5/4/12 8:11 A

Well, Tina does deserve the abuse, but just to let you know... those exercises won't reduce her at all. ;) They'll make her stronger and help her look better, but they won't actually make her any smaller. THe awesome diet changes you've made will do that as you lose body fat overall.

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5/4/12 8:07 A

LOLZ @ Tina!!! I should call mine Buleah, the vibrating laughing tummy! That was great! Good for you!

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5/4/12 5:46 A

Over the years i horrifically watched my tummy growing till it had a slight bend whenever i sit down dividing it into two (yuk). so i named her Tina (the fat talking tummy) will post a picture soon. i was determined to get rid of Tina but no matter the number of crunches or sit-ups(every one of them ached) Tina kept laughing at me.
Then i decided to reduce the amount of food i was eating and also eating smaller meals; Tina lost some weight and didnt have such big lips anymore but i needed to firm her up properly so i continued the crunches.

Then recently Tina started crying. i found belly blitz which works out my lower belly and in 5 mins i was already aching seriously.
now i knew Tina would soon be going finally.
its now 1 week on belly blitz and Tina isnt laughing as much

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