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12/31/11 6:14 P

Support groups are great, Sparkpeople, weightwatchers, TOPS, supportive friends. People around us to support us in our goals can make all the difference. I'm looking forward to see the great things that 2012 holds for you.

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12/31/11 2:01 P

Every time you post here, EVERYONE tells you to make baby steps. Do you do this????

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12/31/11 1:32 P

You can do it, Linda Ann!
It's not how mant times we fall; it's how many times we get back UP.

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 516
12/31/11 11:29 A

thanks britomart ! indygirls page is truly an inspiration ! I have decided to join TOPS and I am so looking forward to a healthier , happier me !

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BRITOMART Posts: 8,161
12/31/11 9:13 A

Good! LINDAANNB1 , that is what needs to happen--changes. And groups can be very helpful.

Still, bottom line--it's YOU who needs to make the changes, at home, in your daily life, for your whole life. Depending on groups or challenges is a great supplement, but the core has to be YOU.

So, while you are deciding which group to join, make one small change. Build it to a habit. On your other thread, one of the last posters suggests making a list. I'd go one step farther--have you done the "Fast Break" section here on SP? It's a 2-week chance to evaluate what you do--in detail, not in general--to help you decide where to make the first changes. (Maybe take water to work--then, during your sedentary day, you'll HAVE to get up and walk to the toilet--it's a start, right? If your building has multiple floors, you could use a bathroom on another floor--stairs are great takes creativity and perseverance.)

If you aren't familiar with ~INDYGIRL's story, and blogs, you'd find her inspiriational. She's lost 170 pounds (I've linked you to her most recent blog, and you can go back from there.)

Good success to you, and keep posting.

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 516
12/31/11 8:45 A

Well, after making many excuses, I have decided its time to take control and do something about my weight, again. I know I have tried and have failed many times but I cant keep making excuses. I have thought alot in the past few days about where my life is going. Here I am now at 335 lbs, maybe more. That is about 40 lbs. I have gained in 1 year.
If I keep up the way I am going, I am heading for some serious health troubles.I am a 45 year old, extremely obese, very sedentary living woman. My only form of exercise lately is going to the fridge or to the bathroom. My job also involves sitting all day at a desk.
I have noticed alot of changes in myself in the past few years, I have little to no energy most days, my stomach always feels blah, everything and I mean everything aches most of the time, and why wouldnt it, I am carrying an extra 200 lbs. around. I have lost interest in alot of things, mostly because I am not able to do them so easily anymore or I am too embarassed about what I look like when I am out. I am extremely self concsious about my looks. Last night for example I was sitting in McDonalds with a friend eating a big mac and fries, a couple people walked by and just stared art me and I know exactly what they were thinking. I mean why wouldnt they. At lunch at work yesterday we ordered pizza and garlic fingers, I ate so much I litterally felt sick afterwards. I really do need to smarten up. I have been very fortunate healthwise that I havnt had alot of health problems, my blood pressure has been a little high but that is about it.
I am the type of person that does better within a group with weekly weigh ins, I have a few options, there are a couple of TOPS groups (one I belonged to for many years) and a weight loss challenge group starting. I am not sure which one to join. The TOPS group I went to for many years helped for quite some time but then things began to get too confortable and I just wasnt trying anymore. The weight loss challenge is good but that only lasts 12 weeks then I usually fall back into old habits once that is done. I have never tried the other TOPS group. I do know some of the people there but, no no more buts I was just about to make another excuse as to why that probably wont work either. Its only going to work if I make it work, I know.
I know what I am going to do, I am going to give the new TOPS group a try, nothing ventured nothing gained right.
I will post my correct starting weight when I start and hopefully will happily, no, I will be happily be posting my wieight losses each week ! The power of positive thinking !
I dont want to let another year of my life go by and be posting on here again that I have gained yet another 40 lbs. or maybe more. I need to take control of my life now, I have got stop letting food control me.

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