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G_NALLO SparkPoints: (504)
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7/17/13 9:09 P

Good for you! And good luck! This site seems to provide a lot of great tools to help track your progress and keep you on track.

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
7/16/13 8:45 A

Welcome aboard!


LAURELSPARK SparkPoints: (102,898)
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7/16/13 8:11 A

Hi and welcome to SparkPeople. There are so many great tools and great people involved with this site. I'm sure that SP can help you along on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Good luck reaching your goals!

TREV1964 Posts: 5,115
7/15/13 7:36 P

Hi and welcome,

If I am ever in a position to help out, don't hesitate - give us a shout.



RBURD88 SparkPoints: (1,883)
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7/15/13 6:36 P

Hi everyone!! I've been browsing around Sparkpeople for about 2 weeks now and I'm super impressed!

Last January I started on my weight loss journey and with the help of Weight Watchers I lost about 20 lbs. The year prior to that I had lost about 20, also by counting calories. Well, life happened I was honestly sick of watching what I ate! I went on vacation and gained about 10 lbs, lost a few, and then gained a few more. Today I weigh about 155 (I'm 5'4", female, 25 yrs old). My goal is somewhere around 133 which, according to Spark People, I should hit in December of this year!

I really like that Sparkpeople gives you a calorie range to hit each day, rather than a set in stone number. I am a little confused by it though. I've read the article about how the numbers are calculated, but if I eat at the top of my range everyday, I won't lose as much weight as my plan has accounted for, right? I'm also doing Jazzercise about 5 times a week, and a couple other various workouts on my own. I accounted for this in my fitness goals.

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