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TIMMY40 Posts: 56
11/24/13 11:24 P

Thanks for the welcome's and great tips!!! emoticon

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
11/24/13 9:50 P

Welcome (back) to the team, Timmy40!

Sometimes it helps to just prepare healthier foods without giving someone a choice. whole grain breads and pasta, include more vegetables, and get lean meats and dairy. My ex was not a healthy eater, so I just made healthy foods and didn't tell him they were healthy. Things like curries, pasta dishes, and casseroles. I started buying lots of chicken and lean pork and cut the beef (he loves 85/15, the really fatty stuff).

Check out sparkrecipes site, you will find some great ideas there.

Good luck!

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11/24/13 6:29 P


I am part Mexican and oh how I love authentic Mexican food! (And OH, the sweets! emoticon )

...You can still assemble a pretty healthy diet from the staples with just a few tweaks... just go easy on cheese and flour tortillas... try to eat meats and beans -chicken stews are great- and some corn and as many vegetables as you can find... mole sauce and chilis are not that high-cal; salsa and pico are great to top anything for lots of flavor and very few calories. Avocado is great for you. Just watch your portions of everything, especially empty ones like deep-fried tortillas and such. Don't necessarily expect to find the same foods you would in the U.S.; you shouldn't need brand names or packages to eat in a healthy way. Take things home and weigh them if you can, and it's OK if you're not 100% sure what is in everything. Just research approximate equivalents and work on making the freshest, lowest-cal choices you are able.


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11/24/13 2:36 P

That is wonderful about how much you are doing on your workout. Welcome back. We are glad to hear from you.

TIMMY40 Posts: 56
11/24/13 11:41 A

Hi everyone, I am sort of a new member. I joined this site a few years ago and have been off and on it since then, but really haven't done much of anything. Except, watch my health deteriorate to the point that my heart was beating at about 150 per min 24/7 NOT GOOD!! After months of testing they have no answers yet as to why, but did discover I have already had one heart attack. SO, its time to make some BIG changes in my life.
A few months ago I could not walk a block without getting dizzy and winded, even sweeping the floor was a workout and a half. Now, things are much better. I do still have to take meds to keep my heart rate in the normal range, but I am up to 30 min on my treadmill and at least another 20 min doing aerobics and feel the normal increase in my heart rate, I feel way better than I have in a very long time. Now my biggest downfall is food!!! So I have decided to come back to this site and ask for the help I'm going to need and the encouragement that of course will go along with it. My husband is also far from the picture of health. but not to eager to do much about his health and that's his choice *although I am still working on him lol* emoticon But he is also my big downfall.....I HAVE NO WILL POWER!! But that's all on me and I have to change that. Baby steps they say!!
Another bit of a challenge I have is, I am currently living in Mexico and wow is it hard to eat healthy here.....trying to find so many foods here is almost impossible....and if you do you pretty much have to sell and arm and a leg to buy it!!! So no doubt I will be doing a lot of food research!!! So this is me in a nutshell....and I hope the net shell will be a smaller one soon!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck to you all!!

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