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2/6/13 6:14 P

Try doing something as simple as going for a walk :)

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2/6/13 5:48 P

start small........take the stairs when you can. Park the farthest away from the store and walk in. Put on music and dance around the house.

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2/6/13 5:22 P

Hi Dani,

Motivation is internally driven, in other words regardless of what others suggest, you are the one that must do the work and for reasons that are best suited for you. That being said, if you have been quite sedentary for the past year, starting with small bouts of exercise may be just what you need to help you develop a fitness routine. Remember 10 minutes 3 times a day can be just as beneficial to our overall health as one longer one. So if you find small pockets of time are easier for you, that's OK, too!

Coach Nancy

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2/6/13 4:38 P


So I've been really sick for about a year. during this time I was not medically cleared to really exercise and tasks like going up and down stairs became hard for me which, at 24 is quite embarrassing. Anyway now, I'm 3pounds away from 30pounds of weight loss and on my frame that is quite a bit.

I'm wondering now that I've been better/medically cleared how I can add in exercise. My questions are like:

How Can I Stay Motivated?
How Much is Too Much?
How Can I Set Realistic Goals?
What 'easing into it' Tips do you have?
Should I join a Gym?

Thanks so much for the support/help!


Danielle Faith

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