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7/2/13 8:02 A

Dinner is my biggest meal for sure. I eat an early dinner (5:00 and bedtime is 11:00), so I am not stuffing myself right before laying down. I do this for social/lifestyle reasons. I hate eating a big breakfast. I feel like I am hungry the rest of the day when I eat a bigger breakfast.

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7/2/13 4:32 A

I used to eat a bigger dinner and also snack at night after dinner. Now, breakfast is usually my biggest meal. I wake up hungry (maybe because I don't eat as much at night anymore) and eating is one of the first things I do! And as much as I love things like buttermilk pancakes with syrup, I can't eat something like this and expect it to hold me over -- so I tend to eat oatmeal with nuts, fruit and a teaspoon of honey, so that it is better balanced and not as sugary. There were also times when I would make green smoothies or shakes with protein powder to start the day -- I think liquid calories are easier to consume without realizing it, and with ice/frozen bananas and eating it with a spoon, it was like eating a treat for me. :)

When I visit my parents, dinner is probably my biggest meal still. Mostly because they don't usually have the types of breakfast foods I like, like oatmeal, PB+toast, greek yogurt, etc. so I do end up hungrier (or maybe psychologically hungrier) over the course of the day.

7/1/13 2:44 P

I always eat a good breakfast. I like dinner and really have to watch my portions. I am not good about eating good snacks at an appropriate time and I think that is what causes dinner portion issues. Trying to watch the snacks

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7/1/13 3:55 A

I've recently increased my breakfast and feel much better.

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6/30/13 8:48 P

Then "when" and "What" didn't change - what changed for me was a slight decrease in calories and an increase in fat.


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6/30/13 3:48 P

The biggest thing that changed for me was eating breakfast regularly. Then eating more fruit. Then more veggies. It all happened in the first couple of months, and now I just eat like that.

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6/30/13 3:44 P

I get that calories total is what it takes to lose weight, but I'm primarily trying to focus on healthier habits. So skipping breakfast often leads people to eat more calories over the entire day when compared with eating breakfast. So that is a habit that leads to fewer calories being eaten. Just as an example.

What I was wondering was if peoples eating patterns change when they begin to lose weight? And I was wondering what that pattern started as and what it changed into?

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6/28/13 11:12 P

As long as you are eating the right number of calories it doesn't matter when you eat them. I tend to have a slightly bigger meal at dinner, but only by 100 calories. I have a 400cal breakfast, 400cal lunch, 500cal dinner and a couple of 100-200cal snacks (I'm maintaining hence the higher calorie count).

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6/28/13 9:26 P

My biggest meal (calories and bulk) is my dinner. My breakfast is usually my smallest. However, having said that, generally my breakfast is the most filling, UNLESS I eat a fair bit of meat with one of the other meals.


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6/28/13 8:37 P

I try to eat at least a piece of fruit within thirty mins of waking up. helps to start my metabolism :)

I actually do best if I have 4 or 5 small meals each day

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6/28/13 7:29 P

Dinner is always my biggest meal. I am not hungry at breakfast so I don't eat much

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6/28/13 6:59 P

I continue to eat my biggest meal at dinnertime.

I used to eat little to no breakfast, a big lunch, a bigger dinner and then dessert/snacks after dinner. Probably like 5% of my food at breakfast, 35% at lunch, and 60% at dinner-or-later.

These days i eat the same size of meal at breakfast and lunch, and a *slightly* larger meal at dinner... so now it's more like 25% of my food at breakfast, 25% at lunch and 50% at dinner-or-later. This seems to keep my hunger levels manageable throughout the day, while still giving me the freedom to eat a "good sized evening meal" which I admit, I do prefer.

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6/28/13 5:16 P

What matters for weight loss isn't the individual size of a meal, or even when that meal occurs, but rather, how many calories you've managed to create a deficit with. Basically, you burn more than you take in.

Some people find it suits them more to follow one style or another to fight cravings; others don't. I personally love big dinners, good breakfasts, and small, light lunches.

It doesn't matter when you eat, only that you're eating enough to get proper nutrition while creating a healthy calorie deficit. :)

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6/28/13 4:20 P

I was wondering what meal is consistently your biggest meal? Would your answer have been different before you started losing weight or has it remained consistent?

I've heard the "at breakfast eat like a king, at lunch like a blah and at dinner like a pauper" but for me I cannot manage to make more than a bowl of oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast (but at least I have started eating breakfast at all). Lately my biggest meal has been lunch, but it used to be dinner when I gained all of this weight. Hopefully these changes will help me over time.

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