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11/13/11 7:56 P

So I had an "AH HA" moment Saturday morning. After stressing about getting the house clean all week, Saturday morning I woke up and at 8am I set a timer for 2 hrs to get the house clean.... I did it and even had a few min extra! So now I get to thinking "why don't I set my timer during the week!" LOL

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11/9/11 6:32 P

hahaha the elusive "clean house".....its not possible when you have kids unfortunately. I have 3 kiddos ages 9,7 and 3. Messes are made literally as I clean them. I think the only thing that gives me any piece of mind is that I make sure its clean messy. Just make sure you keep up with the DEEP cleaning stuff (scrub showers, clean clothes, wash sheets etc...) The clutter won't last forever. Just make a plan to clean what you can when you can and it will be enough :-) And make sure 7 yr old is helping out too!!!

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11/8/11 6:47 P

Ok so I finally came to the conclusion today that I really need to think positive and about the things I have done for the day instead of negative for the things I need to do still and how much time I don't have. However, still I am struggling with staying positive! I only have 2 kids (7 and 1) that live with us full-time but still I am so overwhelmed. I try to organize my day accordingly but ya thats thrown out with other activities and things that come up! How do you stay postive when you clean up and 5 min later it looks the same if not worse than before? I don't expect perfect house cleaning theres kids but still would be nice to have a pretty house! LOL Thanks a ton for advice!

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