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8/9/13 5:45 P

Swai, and Tilapia report. Please check on the package and see where your fish is coming from. I saw a very enlightening report on farm raised fish in Viet Nam, and Cambodia. Even though it says "farm raised" it makes you think that they are sanitary conditions, but it isn't!! They raise them in small, over crowed plots of water that are serviced in the same rivers, and water ways(including ocean) next to fishing boats that spew diesel, and oil, bathing, and where the water ways are used as a dumping ground for all WASTE water!! It was shocking, and I was really disturbed!!
After the fish are harvested they are taken to be "cleaned" and filleted, but the conditions are atrocious! There are no health systems in place to check these facilities. Believe me, I was so repulsed that I have told everyone about this. I don't know how they can get away with it. I have since checked to see where all my fish comes from. Wild caught is so much more expensive, that many of us struggle to pay that price, but this is for health and safety. Farm raised in America and Canada would be safe. Beyond that, I don't know. FYI

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8/9/13 3:57 P

Here is one of my favorite Tilapia recipes. I love flavor! If I'm going to eat healthy I want a burst of flavor in at least one of my dishes.


90 calories per serving (may vary check your package information - calories per serving)
Cajun Seasoning:
2 tsp salt
2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 1/4 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 1/4 tsp dried oregano
2 1/2 tsp paprika
Put all the ingredients in a motar & pestle and grind the spices to release all the oils
Spray a cast iron skillet with non-cooking spray liberally. Turn heat on medium high. As the pan is heating up coat your tilapia with the seasoning.
Pat the tilapia dry with a paper towel and season liberally with the cajun spice mixture. Patting it into the fish really good. When your skillet is smoking add the tilapia. It only takes about 3 minutes per side.
Store your extra cajun seasoning in an air tight container.
This will take you anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes once your fish is thawed. Follow the package directions on how to thaw. If you have the seasoning premixed and ready to go it'll take less time.
NOTE: I serve this with steamed veggies. I buy the kind that you can throw in the microwave. They take approx. 5 minutes to steam so I start them right before I put the fish in the skillet.

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8/3/13 9:19 A

I enjoy tilapia but there is a better fish called Swai Fillet (pronounced swar) (Pangasius Hypophthalmus). It is thicker, has less taste and cost than tilapia. So this is great on a budget because you get more for your money. I didn't enjoy fish tacos until I was introduced to this fish. Now I even have fish tacos for breakfast.

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8/1/13 1:38 P

emoticon I love cooking tilapia. It doesn't take much time and has such a mild flavor. Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

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8/4/12 9:51 A

The last time I made Tilapia I used pesto sauce had a great flavor...

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5/18/12 11:39 A

Awesome ideas! I was going to get some tilapia for dinner tonight and stumbled upon this board post.


5/17/12 8:52 A

Here's a great way to cook fish !!!! The link below is for salmon but give it a try with tilapia...
Enjoy !

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4/25/12 2:20 P

Tilapia is great. There are even potato/green chili soup recipes using it. Your child might find it fun if you cooked it in individually wrapped packages---you can use foil or even paper bags---put small cut veggies with a bit of stock, juice or wine. They are so cute and kids love getting their own little packet.

I have also cut the filets in half--lightly breaded--baked crispy in the oven and served with red sauce. My son lol lol use to call it Italian chicken. I use Italian bread crumbs.

Also, check out Walmart. You can buy it frozen in large bags with individually wrapped fillets. Very inexpensive. Hope this helps.

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4/25/12 12:09 P

Yes, mustard is great (dijon is my fave)... I also like to brush lightly with teriyaki or sweet/sour sauce... yum.

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4/25/12 11:53 A

I will sprinkle with breadcrumbs and broil - takes almost no time, then you can add salsa, toss in a salad, use in tacos, or put on top of brown rice. The great thing is that it takes to almost any flavor you put with it. Probably great with mustard on it as a marinade too.

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4/25/12 11:28 A

Fresh salsa (pico de gallo) is so great with fish. I've made fish tacos using lettuce wraps, pico, and some light sour cream or greek yogurt... YUM

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4/25/12 11:01 A

emoticon I LOVE FISH !

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4/24/12 3:27 P

Tilapia is one of my least favorite mild white fishes, so if you like that, you're on your way! I prefer cod or haddock myself. Anyway, I like to bake mild fish like this one with lemon water (basically poaching it)... and then topping with a little cracker/bread crumb and butter (if your calories allow). Pretty tasty... roasted veggies are my favorite side for most protein dishes :-)

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4/23/12 11:50 A

You can also try a little salsa on top of your Tilapia, I also used lemon and seasoned with garlic or parsley.

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4/21/12 4:17 P

Thanks so much for your ideas, I will be trying something tonight! Gonna check the spark recipes too! I appreciate it :)

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4/21/12 9:55 A

Use a shallow baking pan (such as a pizza pan or cookie sheet), spray with cooking spray. Slice an onion or lemon (you can use both, but it's not necessary, and it's lemon in my house because the mister hates onion), so that each filet gets four slices. Per filet: lay two slices down, lay filet on top of those, sprinkle pepper and/or other flavorings (such as crushed garlic or leafy herbs), lay two more slices of lemon or onion on top of the filet. Cover in aluminum foil and bake at 350 F for 15-40 mins depending on if you are working from frozen or thawed. It does not take very long for a thawed filet to cook, but covering it will keep it from drying out too badly if you overestimate your time.

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4/20/12 10:10 P

Tilapia is a great fish because it's mild tasting. Even my kids like it. I make this recipe with reduced fat mayo, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese. Spread it on the fish fillets and broil until they get golden brown. You could also marinade it for 15 minutes, and then grill it. Or just sprinkle with some lemon pepper seasoning and pan sear it.

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4/20/12 9:37 P

I have never cooked fish, I have eaten some. I liked I thought that would be a good place to start. I have no idea what to do with it? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. emoticon

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