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8/10/12 4:10 P

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions and recipes.

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8/10/12 2:00 P

I'm not a fish lover either, but I do like Tilapia, and can eat salmon on occasion. Any of the suggested recipes work great with tilapia. I buy bags of individually wrapped frozen fillets. They thaw out quickly, and cook up in less that 5 minutes.

8/10/12 9:19 A

I have just tried my first plank grilling...found the cedar planks in the walmart grilling section.

The planks are great for grilling fish, like talapia (have also done it with scallops). Just google it and get a ton of instruction and recipes. One great thing about it is that the fish does not fall does not have to be flipped at all during cooking. Just soak the board in water and you are ready to go.

It helps with flavor and cleanup if you lay the seafood on a bed of thin lemon slices on the plank. I just use some olive oil and salt/pepper for seasoning, but there are a ton of recipes available.

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8/5/12 8:50 P

Wrap in aluminum foil with lemon juice and adobe seasoning?

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7/25/12 5:00 P

How about wrapping it in aluminum foil with vegetables and putting the foil packet on the grill to cook? Just like "hobos''(meat & veg wrapped in an envelope of foil and put on the grill) that have ground meat with veggies....the fish cooks perfectly inside the packet. just grill a few minutes on each side. You can open the foil a bit to check for doneness....

My husband grills fish for me like this all the time. Season to your taste (Mrs Dash tastes awesome on fish/veggies).

HEMAMALINI100 Posts: 3,099
7/24/12 7:10 P

Give this a try. Rub some turmeric and salt on the Tilapia ( it's mild ) let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes then grill or throw it on hot iron skillet . Flip it when its little crispy on one side. I prefer it on the cast iron skillet. When done squeez some fresh lime or lemon juice and enjoy. This is my favorite and quick fix. Or use cajun seasoning instead of salt and turmeric. Make sure you dry the fish pieces before rubbing any seasoning on it. This will reduce the smell of the fish and will cook better.

MOUSEY_ME Posts: 30
7/21/12 2:29 P

why not try!

you can never go wrong with lemon juice, melted butter, pepper, garlic powder (or garlic salt), and some dried parsley!

(just a note that with fish you should rinse and pat dry before spicing.)

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7/18/12 2:01 P

well you need patience with fish since they are very fickly on the grill.

here are some ingredients you can never go wrong:

after a good cleaning, rub in and out with salt, pepper and fresh crush garlic to your taste (and leave it in the fridge for an hour minimum) in the inside of the fish we like to stuff it with fresh cilantro. Before cooking it, make sure the grill is clean and hot. Also brush the sides with a bit of olive oil, use a brush if you have one (you use less oil) if not, 1 tsp is more then enough, also depending on the size of the fish, less if smaller. Place on the grill and don't turn it until you are certain the side is cooked. Do the same for the other side, and you will have a delicious grill tilapia

prepare some lemon wedges if you want to use them when eating it :D

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1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
7/18/12 10:14 A

Does anyone have a recipe (or instructions of any kind) for fixing Tilapia on the grill? I was told to eat fish, which I can`r stand, but know Tilapia is a mild flavored fish so decided to try it. I thought cooking on the grill might make it a bit more palatable. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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