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Yeah I just wonder why I didn't start feeling pain before now. For the most part I've always been a very active person and relatively slim. And yet I've had that gut for a few years now. In the summers I spend my time hiking and most of my free time is spent walking as well. Plus I work in a factory, so the work is very physical work. None of the doctors can really explain why I didn't start hurting up until a couple months ago. Most just tell me their theory that it's finally run out of room because my frame is small. Oh and I'm 26, so not too young.

I was overweight (180) from when I was 16 until I was about 20 though. So that's why I thought I was just fat. I've gained weight before.

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After surgery, you'll want to have a physical therapist help you with a program to help with the post-surgical effects. You won't be able to do any exercise at all without clearance anyway, so focus on healing, and don't worry about the rest. The only things you can do for the loose skin are time, hydration, and potential surgery.

I don't know how old you are, but in your pictures you seem young, so your best bet is your youth and time. Surgery complicates things, so talk to your doctor about it.

That's really terrifying, and I'm glad you got it treated. Another excellent example of why we should ALWAYS check with a doctor before starting a weight loss program.

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A friend of mine had one the size of a football in her stomach. All went smoothly, and she had no problems tightening up. She just (once cleared) went about her normal workouts. You just can't expect that it will be instant. I'm not sure how your doctor will remove it, but it is unlikely that it will matter much, my friend has a scar down the length of her stomach. She won't ever wear a bikini again (her choice).

On a side note, there is a workout you can try. Tracey Anderson Post Pregnancy. I know you didn't have a baby, but when you are cleared, she says that it really tightens everything up. It isn't easy, but you can always try that!

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So for years I thought I had a really huge gut. I am thin everywhere except for my stomach. So I was starting to get really frustrated by the fact that I had a fat gut when the rest of me is thin. Back in January I started to get really awful pains in my abdomen. I thought maybe I had a hernia, so I went to the doctor. My job is very physical and a lot of people have gone off work lately because they too had hernia. I found out that I didn't have hernia, but I had something growing in my abdomen. After an ultrasound and a visit with the gynecologist I found out that I have a six pound ovarian cyst growing. And it has been there for a long time. So I am going to have to go and have surgery in a few weeks for it. I'm just worried with the size of my stomach that I will have extra skin or saggy skin. So I am wondering how I can tighten up my stomach. I have pictures in my spark page, but there are the links as well:

You can see it is quite large. Also, you can see why I thought I was fat. People keep asking me why I thought it was fat and not something else, and it's because it looks like fat. I figure a visual will help.

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