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5/8/13 1:02 P

I use Frontline on my dogs and it works really well.

Wish they made frontline for humans. I have had six tick bites in the past two years

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Also a note on lyme disease: it doesn't always present with a 'bullseye' rash. You can have it for months, even years and not even realize it. The test for lyme disease has about a 60% false negative rate so that means 60% of the times the test says no disease, its wrong emoticon

So if you start feeling flu-type symptoms that don't go away in about 2 weeks, ask your doc for a lyme test (or more spaced out over a couple of months).

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5/8/13 12:55 P

emoticon Poor pup. I too live in an area where we have plenty of ticks. Our dog is also smallish at 35lbs.

Don't forget to check yourself as well!


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5/8/13 12:51 P Since so many of us walk or run outdoors, I'm hoping to get the info on the linked website to as many people as possible. Especially watch the video, and please pass it on. I am hoping to participate in a walk/run benefit for them, too.

I live in New England and have seen ticks in January! For the last two weeks we've had gorgeous 65-85* weather. Every day I take my dog on one or two walks in the country, and we've spent lots of time in the yard. We check him daily and last night we picked TWENTY ticks off him!! He's pretty small, too, only 30 lbs. We're buying him Advantix or Frontline today and hope he can tolerate it. This morning I did laundry and found a soggy dead tick on a pillow case. Be careful!

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