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5/20/13 11:18 P

My thoughts are with all of the tornado victims and their families. There are hardly words to express how any of us should feel with all of the many incidents and tragedies we have suffered these past few years. I cringe when I turn on the news for fear of what will be next. It's been exhausting lately.

There is a call out for food, clothing, and the such. Please think about donating.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 553
5/20/13 10:19 P

This tornado is really horrendous.. my thoughts and prayers are with those in OK and with the families that have been affected by it.

I live where there are tornadoes but luckily I was able to witness one first hand and the only thing damaged were the trees in the pathway but one to be 2miles wide is something else and massive! I can not even imagine what OK is going through now in search of these missing children.

Hope those living in the storms pathway are safe and their families..

My heart goes out

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