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9/26/12 1:58 P

When I officially decided to start "losing weight" and got a scale etc, I was at 188, in Dec of 2011. In Dec of 2010, I was at least 200 though.

I just hit my goal weight of 150 on Sunday. So, it took me about 9 months. I did not exercise really. I didn't really see myself as "being on a diet" but just making better lifestyle choices. But my best tip is to learn to cook at home, if you don't already. I've always enjoyed cooking but now, it's my favorite part of my day. Also meal planning will work wonders. I plan out everything I'm going to eat up to a week in advance (I'd do more but the tracker only lets me go a week out!). Sure life throws some curveballs in here and there, but for the most part schedules stay pretty consistent.

My other piece of advice is make sure you track every single thing that goes in your mouth, every day, and to really be aware of your level of self-control. If you're looking at a food that would ruin your meal plan for the day, calorie wise, ask yourself "Is this ice cream worth being fat over?"

9/26/12 11:14 A

I started at 226 back in 2008. I'm still not yet at goal weight because my goal weight kept changing (oh and I had life events that I allowed to cause me to gain back weight)

What was your goal weight/when did you reach it?
My doctor suggested 125. That freaked me out, so I wanted to be 160. Now I'd like to be 145.

How long did it take you?
It took me 5 months to get to 155, but I was on a doctor supervised diet. (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) Now I lose about 1 pound a week. Also people lose weight faster when they are very overweight. My first week I lost 15 pounds. Now I lose sporadically (1/2 lb week one, 2 lbs week two, etc)

Best exercise you found?
I do cardio everyday for an hour and free weights at least 4 times a week. But any exercise that you will actually do is the best.

Best diet tip?
Don't let anything make you crazy. Meaning, if you feel that if you don't have a cookie you'll go crazy...take a deep breath and really think about it. You can always have cookies/wings/fries some other day in the future. Also don't consume excess calories because you are bored. Get out of the house and find something else to do.

Also researchers have found that it is more important to reduce caloric intake than to exercise. (Anthropologists studied the Hazda people of Tanzania, you can look it up.)

BUT exercise is really important for flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular benefits. So if you can only focus on one thing today, make it your food choices. Good luck!!

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9/26/12 9:01 A

Before all the stress of my car accident I had gone from 198 to 168 in 3 months and kept it off for quite some time. For me it was making sure I hit protein levels, tracking food, working out, and getting vitamins! I was missing SO MUCH that my body was trying to suck every nutrient from the foods but still was not what I needed. I was taking magnesium and iron but I was told to just take a one a day women's multi vitamin this time around, more so since I am working out this time and last time I barely lifted a finger. I literally lost that weight by eating about 1200 calories a day but high protein (yes I ate carbs) I just aimed to hit minimum 100g of protein a day.

This time though I track here and log fitness. Make sure you on seeing the amount of calories you should burn for what you intake to create the deficit you need.

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9/26/12 7:42 A

sorry double post

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9/26/12 7:41 A

I started at 196

"What was your goal weight/when did you reach it? "
135 5/1/2012 (This was my Doctors goal for me)
120 (my happy weight - currently 123)

"How long did it take you?"
approx 3 years to reach Doctor goal.

"Best exercise you found?"
A consistent mix of Strength Training and Cardio

Best diet tip?
If you don't already Track...Track...Track (this is when weight loss started to be consistent for me) Do it by counting calories or by practicing portion/serving control.

"And pretty much any advice you have."
Challenge your body to perform at your best level.
Get serious about your goals and stop getting in your own way. (life will be much simpler)
Give yourself options in what you eat and how you exercise so you have control over any situation.
Give your body the patience it deserves.
SparkPeople doesn't promote quick fixes it promotes knowledge and it's FREE.
Take advantage of all the Healthy Lifestyle articles/videos/quizzes this site has to offer.
Make it a learning process and educate yourself how carbs/protein/fats/exercise work for your body and well being.

Good Luck!!

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9/26/12 1:41 A

I started at 192.4
I'm now 163
I've got another 10 to go

It took me 8 months to lose the first 28 pounds, but I have stalled this month (for a range of reasons). Hoping to be pretty close to my goal by xmas.

I love boxing and strength training. The best advice I can give you is to strength train. I could harp on about the benefits for hours, if you let me. Lift with high weight and low reps.

Chocolate is a necessary part of weight loss. Just work it into your calories.

9/26/12 12:10 A

Just looking for some feedback from those of you that started in the 190's. If you wouldn'd mind:

What was your goal weight/when did you reach it?
How long did it take you?
Best exercise you found?
Best diet tip?
And pretty much any advice you have.

I started out at 221 but I have stalled a bit. Thanks in advance!

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