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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/12/13 3:37 P

lots of great advice.

strive for portion control, if you feel you need something specific.
If you can - order just one slice, and you really need it (not just want it for no specific reason - especially if it's not hunger)

While nobody else may care, in your opinion, you're not getting healthy for them, specifically

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
6/12/13 12:09 P

Thanks Z! I don't usually keep high calorie foods lying around either - but I stumbled across the frosting while I was cooking dinner for my mom (at her house). I guess it's just going to take some practice - practice with control and practice with prevention.

ZSTANLEY SparkPoints: (7,751)
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6/12/13 11:59 A

@ Those times I say look how far you have come, I try to stay positive,and I don't really have high calorie foods in my house so I don't over eat the bad things !
Sometimes I buy clothing that's 2 sizes or 1 and I work towards that and how wonderful I will look that really helps a lot !!!!!! emoticon

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
6/12/13 9:37 A

Cristal - I have the same issue. For instance, I'm staying at my mom's house and I had a really good day yesterday (lots of exercise and eating right) until I found a container of frosting in the cabinet. I opened it up, got out a spoon ... and stood there for a second trying to remember what SP says about curbing the "monster" ... so I tried to ask myself "am I hungry?" and "do I really want to ruin a good day's work?"

You know what happened? I couldn't even think straight enough to answer myself. I ate half the container. I felt like an addict, too, because as soon as the taste hit my mouth my whole body felt somehow relieved. It was disturbing, actually. I used to be a smoker and it felt a lot like having a cigarette. I know I have a "problem" that goes beyond just needing to lose weight and learning how to eat healthy/exercise ... but I haven't got the first idea how to solve it. I don't have insurance, so counseling is out.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
6/11/13 9:27 P

If you have the desire to eat an entire pizza, there's an underlying issue that should be addressed. It's not a food craving. If you have a moment of weakness at a store or gathering, you can try distracting yourself with conversation or leaving the room/aisle. If you have a moment of weakness that's a food craving, give in to a craving but make it just a few bites and make it satisfying. If you're craving chocolate, have a small brownie or a mini cupcake.

6/11/13 3:13 P

Get to the real root of the desire. And then find ways to deal productively.
Are you really hungry---do you need to have a healthy meal or snack?
Are you looking for comfort?
Are you bored?
Have you trained yourself to use food to calm these emotions??


CRISTALCONNORS SparkPoints: (14,880)
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6/11/13 2:54 P

What is your advice for those moments of weakness? You know those times where you think, "Oh, I'll just order and eat that whole pizza. Who even cares?" We all have them. How do you curb the issue?

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