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3/28/14 7:04 A


I understand completely. I've been in the same boat where I was very active on SparkPeople then failed. I gained all 30 pounds I had lost plus some.

This time with God as my guide I'm with you in losing the weight for good.

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3/28/14 4:12 A

Hello, My name is Andrea. I have been on the spark page a coupe different times, and I failed miserably. No because of the page, but because of my lack of commitment. I can't ignore my weight any longer. I now weigh 278.5 lbs. That is almost double what my healthy weight should be. With the weight gain I have also added on some health conditions that could become severely debilitating if they remain ignored. Don't get me wrong. I am not here out of fear, I am here because of hope. I know I can succeed now. I have a loving God who has already had victory over this mountain for me, AND I have a beautiful daughter that needs me to set an example for her. She too is fighting obesity on a grand scale. Her last weigh in was 200 lbs, and she is only 14. I don't want her to live a shortened life because of poor choices I encouraged her to make. I am a nurse who watches her coworkers complain when a larger person is admitted because the safety risk for them and for the caregivers is extremely high. So I am here once again. This time I intend to take full advantage of the information and resources here! I look forward to connecting with as many of you as I can. :)

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