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10/26/11 2:16 A

Just 5! You will get there. Just keep on keeping on. What about the other areas of your life?

Look at this quote: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World Health Organization, 1948

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10/26/11 1:19 A

Consider the optimal position that you are in: You only have five pounds to lose, not fifty, or a hundred. Just five pounds. Lord knows how many people wish they were in your position. The key (as you already know) is consistency. Eat less, move more, and prosper.

Spark On!

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10/26/11 12:04 A

Great advice from our community leader ArchimedesII. The problem with changing our lives for any person, event, or situation is that our motivation will not last. I always have to look at my motives. Why am I wanting to change this unhealthy habit. After getting sober 10 years ago, I know for a fact that I would not have been successful if I had done it for any one or any thing else but ME. I am the only thing in my life that is constant (besides God). Everything else is out of my control. Everything else begins, ends, or changes.

When I lost 60 lbs., I did it for MYSELF . I've kept the weight off because it took me 3 years and I changed my attitude and my habits.

I equate this to fad diets like Nutrasystem where the weight is lost, habits remain unchanged, the diet food ends, and the weight is gained back.

You can do this thing. But ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS THING. Sparkpeople are here to support, but even they cannot get healthy for you.

Good luck on your path to consistency!!!!

Thank you for airing your feelings. You help others by being this honest!!!


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10/25/11 1:49 P

Hey, KL ! This is the vicious cycle that another member noted. It's great to have a goal to strive for, but what happens after the party ? What happens after the wedding ? Do you let yourself go ? Well, that's what happens to a lot of people. they lose motivation and let themselves go and thus starts the vicious cycle.

One thing that people have to understand is that this isn't a diet. this is a lifestyle change. the changes you made before the party are the changes you need after the party to maintain the loss. In short, if you want to take the weight off and keep it off, you have to continue to eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise.

If you allow your old habits to creep back into your life, yes, your weight will creep back up.

So, if you want the weight to stay off, NO MORE DIETS. this must be a lifestyle change. otherwise, you will end up on the weight loss rollercoaster. What to do ? Start exactly the same way you started i.e. slowly. Make small changes you can stick with. Set small goals to achieve. Once you start achieving those small goals, you'll start feeling better.

But, the self flagellation has to stop. If you want to make a change, you have to be ready to do some work. Now, roll up those sleeves and let's get going !!

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10/25/11 1:34 P

Well is sounds to me that you need something to strive for to keep your motivation going. Maybe try planning a mini-vacation or even a day trip to visit a local museum or a spa day perhaps. Something you want to do, but "can't" until you are back at your goal. It works for me, setting up goals and then mini rewards when I reach my goals. !! Good Luck !!

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10/25/11 1:30 P

Oh, the temptation of the vicious cycle that drew us to Spark to begin with.

It's so easy to get back into those comfortable (yet frustrating and maddening) habits, isn't it?

What did you do to get into those great pants and to feel great at that reunion?

It's easier to set small goals. That's what I do. Yes, the road is long. It should be because it's for a lifetime.

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10/25/11 1:14 P

So, yay...I lost what i was hoping to lose in time for my 20 year reunion. I went, had fun, partied a little too hard and inevitably...paid for it.
Here i go again. This is starting to be a trend. Ever since my reunion, I have been averaging about 500 calories over my limit every day. Sometimes a LOT more. I've gained back 5 solid pounds, I'm still trying to reign in my eating to get back on track. I am glad about one thing... I haven't given up on myself yet. Even if I overeat or over-drink, I keep trying to get back on the wagon. I'm just feeling really down about it all. I know, I know...every day is a new day and a fresh start. It's just hard when it took so long to lose that 5 lbs and I put it back on in 2.5 weeks. The pants I was so happy to fit into that I danced around in them forever because I was so happy?...Yeah...they don't fit again. I guess I just need to hear that it's worth it to keep trying. Even if I keep failing. I felt so freakin' good there for a minute. I can't believe I've done it again. Ok. I'm done whining now. Thanks for letting me vent. :(

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