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3/20/13 7:02 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best on your journey to a healthier you.

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3/19/13 5:40 P

Welcome and good luck with you goals! Make a commitment to tracking everything you eat. If you can stick with that, it will really help! Set Fast Break goals (and other goals), join SparkTeams, start a blog on your SparkPage. All of these things will get you involved in the community to keep you motivated and accountable.

For starting out, remember that small changes can go a long way. Just cutting out soda should make a huge impact for you, especially if you are only replacing those calories with water! Consider joining the 10-minute exercise streak challenge (you can find this on the Challenge Central page until the Community tab). I found that when I first started, this challenge was very helpful in getting me used to working out and teaching me that I do have time for it!


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3/19/13 4:06 P

I'm Hannah I'm 25 and a Mom of 2. Over the past year I have yo-yo dieted, I was 187lbs after giving birth to my son, that rocketed up to 230 over his first year of life and now I'm 260!!! I have been exercising and eating healthier for the past 2 weeks, have cut soda and all unhealthy takeaways from my diet. I joined SP a few days ago.

THIS is it. I am NEVER going to be this big ever again! I'm hoping to get down to 175lbs but would be happy to be under 200.

Any advice,and tips to keeping on track and not relapsing/giving up would be greatly received :)

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