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2/16/13 12:04 P

Thank you everyone!

I appreciate your help-- emoticon emoticon

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2/15/13 9:02 P

1inch =2.54cm

To convert just multiply the number of inches in you height (5'4"=64") by 2.54. That will give you height on cm.

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2/15/13 7:21 A

I agree with all.

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2/15/13 6:51 A

I just looked at the website in the original link.

It seemed to imply burning a LOT of exercise calories per day - for me, it seemed to be assuming a calorie burn of 800 through exercise, which is pretty hard to do on a sustainable basis. In fact, I think it is pretty unrealistic for most people.

I'm pretty sure if you entered a daily calorie burn in that kind of range in Spark's Exercise Goasl, it would produce a fairly high recommended intake as well.


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2/15/13 2:16 A

If you are 160 cm, you are 1.6 meters. this is the same as 1 meter, 60 cm.

If you are 170 cm, you are 1.7 meters, same as 1 meter, 70 cm.

If you are 176 cm, you are 1.76 meters, same as 1 meter, 76 cm.

Just move the decimal point. The metric system is designed to be used without a calculator.

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2/14/13 11:18 P

You can convert from inches to cm and then cm to meters...but you can use the cm only just like you can use the inches only.

Coach Nancy

2/14/13 11:15 P

Hey Coach Nancy,

I removed the link... sorry 'bout that. emoticon
Also, for the height... I actually wanted to know that thing because I want to put it into Sparkpeople, so that I could get meter/ cm.... so how do I do that?


Hehe. Yeah, 1550 sometimes seem too little; other times it feels like I'm trying to eat a mountain to fill it out. It'd be kinda cool to feel that way all the time, right? emoticon
I'm definitely with you on following Sparkpeople's recommendations; I just got worried when I saw that weird number for a second there. Weight loss sure is a tricky game to play though, isn't it? One second you're eating too much, the other too little. Sigh. emoticon

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2/14/13 8:31 P

I wonder if the other tracker you mention was giving you a calorie range to maintain instead of to lose...? I wouldn't go over what sparkpeople recommends. 1550 is more than enough I KNOW there are some days where it doesn't seem like it :) but it really is, and the more you can accumulate a deficit of calories over time, the faster you will lose weight.

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2/14/13 7:07 P


Please note that SparkPeople does not permit linking to a websites that competes with SparkPeople therefore I am going to have to ask you to please remove the link from your post.

As for your calorie range, below is the link to how SparkPeople determines your calorie range.

Below is a inches to cm calculator...if you are 5 '4" that is 64 inches--5 feet is 60 inches = 4 inches = 64 inches--you plug that in your calculator and that is 162.6 cm.

Thank you for removing the link!

Coach Nancy

2/14/13 6:23 P

I can't get my feet/ inches to meters/ cm.

How do I do that? (I can only get feet/in to meters or just to cm...he he) emoticon

Also, quick question--
I went on another tracker website via link from another sparker. It said I should eat 1657 as the minimum, whereas spark has 1200 to 1550 (the link w/ calorie cycling, if you guys saw it).

That's a rather large discrepancy: what do you guys think? Should I increase my calories, or stay the same--any ideas?


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