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GYPSEYLEE1 Posts: 39
9/2/10 4:35 A

Wow - what an inspiration! emoticon

SHECHAM Posts: 1,438
9/2/10 4:35 A

Oh boy do we need more parents like you.... who inspire and motivate their kids and who know how to say "no" when they need to. You are doing more than stopping a cycle. You are raising healthy kids emotionally too!!! Good for you and congratulations!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

JLCONROD SparkPoints: (16,613)
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Posts: 148
9/2/10 4:29 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Wonderful post and kudos to you and your eight year old!

Warm regards from a Grandpa!


BUTLELD Posts: 82
9/2/10 4:24 A

Well done

I too was the fat child who is now trying not to grow my own fat child. Sometimes I feel really bad but it will be worth it in the end and hopefully she will not have the food issues that I have

ANIHAKA Posts: 566
9/2/10 4:23 A

Well done. I've had a family most are lean thankfully in one sense we didn't have computers when they were young they had to get out to play. Have you tried ice cubes in the water with maybe a little lemon juice, your son might enjoy that especially after he's worked up a sweat doing exercies

TRAILMIX1970 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 201
9/2/10 4:20 A

wonderful changes keep it up, they love you for it in the long run.

SAMURAI6 Posts: 24
9/2/10 4:18 A

I too have been overweight since I was a child. What is so weired is that my mother and father were not fat. And neither were my four brothers. Just my sister and I were. emoticon

GEOCOSTA Posts: 109
9/2/10 4:16 A

Those lessons learned and habits practiced will last a life time for your kids! Congratulations on having tough love! Your family is an inspiration to me and others.

9/2/10 4:02 A

Congrats to the whole family! My family is also on SP trying to get fit and healthy. Keep up the GREAT work!

ELAOPET Posts: 544
9/2/10 3:53 A


SCOKEY Posts: 50
9/2/10 3:46 A

emoticon emoticon

PASTORED2 Posts: 55
9/2/10 3:45 A

That's a wonderful reason to do what is necessary to reach your goal! The real definition of love is laying down your life (pleasures, privileges and preoccupations) for someone else! And who better than for your kids!! May God continue to bless your journey and provide you the grace necessary to reach your goal! emoticon

LAURIETAIT SparkPoints: (89,872)
Fitness Minutes: (59,615)
Posts: 2,227
9/2/10 3:37 A

Teaching the healthy habits necessary for a full and rewarding life is the best gift a parent can give their child. Practicing those healthy habits as a family will ensure you all health and happiness long into the future. Way to go Mom!

9/2/10 3:31 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

What a wonderful gift you are giving not only yourself, but to your children. The gift of a healthy lifestyle.

Many Blessing,

9/2/10 3:29 A

Thank you for that. My 8 and a half year old weighs 81 pounds which is too much for her height and frame. She's very active (dancing 4 times a week plus kids gym and swimming every week) but just likes junk food way too much and unfortunately, its my fault to a large degree, because I keep a lot of it in the house. I know we need to make changes, from junk to fruit and veg etc.

ECONLADY Posts: 5,874
9/2/10 3:26 A

Awesome! You should be proud for not just talking but doing. I know it is tough, but you are doing a great thing for your kids!

WORKNATIT Posts: 526
9/2/10 3:21 A

thats son has gained some weight & i put him in football & he sighned up for cross country...i am also making him aware of healthy choices when it comes to eating...for a snack he serves himself corn & weight loss yet but im sure itll come in time...

9/2/10 3:12 A

Hi, if you can have a think about your children taking up swimming. It is a great all body exercise with limited stress to the body. It tones, strengthens, and uses lots of energy, taking lessons and then joining a club, will also provide great exercise and a great skill for life. Good luck emoticon to you and your family.

FELMUNO1 Posts: 1
9/2/10 3:07 A

Hello! You are definitely on the right track, and I can tell you this from experience. About a year ago I really started to focus more on eating healthier and exercise for me and my family. My husband has always kept himself in good shape. I had let myself go, and my boys had put on weight. Anyway, we started going to our local track and walking first, then jogging. We were eating well and drinking lots or water. This past year I have lost 43 pounds, my oldest son has lost at least 30 pounds and is at his goal weight, and my middle son lost about 20 pounds and is definitely just right for his height and weight. I can now run a 5K and am preparing for a triathlon in October. You just have to keep plugging along with good diet and exercise and you will surely reap the benefits from it! Good job! In a year or so you will have the same praise report to tell!!!! God bless!

9/2/10 3:07 A

Your children are very lucky to have a mom who cares enough about their health to start making healthier choices for the whole family. I think that's the only approach that truly works in the long haul, rather than targeting any one member for special negative or positive attention. It can be so difficult to overcome generational habits. The chain of family is both a strength and a weakness at the same time, the strength of love and tradition, the weakness of habit and any genetic propensities we have to poor health.

I wish all of you the best of luck on your road to happier, healthier selves. Because of the choices you're making today, it's likely your children won't have to have this struggle with their own. Bravo.

9/2/10 3:03 A

Proud of you. Every step counts however small. So you must celebrate it. Just keep moving forward, tackling one issue per month. Do not overload, or you may lapse midstream. And since you have undertaken the responsibility not only for yourself, but for your little ones and probably your husband, you must remain positive and surround yourself with like-minded people.

I am a nutritionist myself, so I am not unfamiliar with your situation. Most of my clients are quite heavy at 200 lbs +, and they are doing so well that I know there is hope as long as you remain focussed on your target and not lose track of your burning reason for this lifestyle change.


9/2/10 3:00 A

That is great! My kids are grown, but I have an 8 year old grandson that I am concerned about. At least he does like healthy things, but given a choice most of the time he wouldn't choose them. We are working on that though. Keep up the good work.

LIKA808 Posts: 1
9/2/10 2:52 A

Don't feed them crap. You're on the right track, excelerate and keep going.

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SNEZ01 Posts: 80
9/2/10 2:48 A

Well done for choosing and acting to save your children's lives and happiness, keep up the EXCELLENT work!!! emoticon

9/2/10 2:27 A

Good for you, Mom. Great job with your cuties!

YASERUYO Posts: 641
9/2/10 2:26 A

Good job mom. I know it's hard with kids. The same thing runs in my family. My adult kids are always struggling with their weight also.

QUAN90805 Posts: 4
9/2/10 2:19 A

Awesome! and cute kids :)

SKYPIC Posts: 1
9/2/10 2:16 A

You are doing the absolutely best thing for your child. You are saving her life. Don't give up and keep working with her through her teens. Once she is on her own it is the lessons you have taught her that will give her the path to a long healthy life. emoticon

BRITTNEYSP SparkPoints: (0)
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9/2/10 2:15 A


BROOK92 Posts: 2
9/2/10 2:11 A

Woaw! Good luck, that's really a huge encouragement's to other parents

LINDA-S-HERE Posts: 26
9/2/10 2:07 A

That's great. Love to hear encouraging words when it comes to our children. Tips to motivate me are always welcome when it comes to bettering my parenting skills. Keep up the good work!

SPUNKY1967 Posts: 8
9/2/10 2:03 A

I am proud that you see the light and you want to also be a positive role model for your eight year old. I myself am just starting on Sparks people and have the same issue with my daughter who will turn 10 December 1st. So hats off to you and I plan to do the very same thing...

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IMATYS Posts: 160
9/2/10 2:00 A

good on you, keep going for you and your family emoticon

9/2/10 1:56 A

You Go Girl. I have also told myself All the generational curses stop with me. Through me God is going to heal my family tree. Thanks for reminding me!!!!!!!!! emoticon

PRAIRIECROCUS SparkPoints: (451,730)
Fitness Minutes: (213,150)
Posts: 52,956
9/2/10 1:56 A

You are doing great, Mom !
I think that everything will turn out fine,
with your guidance !

L*I*T*A* SparkPoints: (571,126)
Fitness Minutes: (399,549)
Posts: 221,997
9/2/10 1:50 A

what an inspirational "MOM YOU ARE"!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LUDMILA10 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (720)
Posts: 148
9/2/10 1:48 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon
Good job! you are a great mom!

9/2/10 1:39 A

You are such a great mom !! You Rock !! I grew up with the "clean your plate" mentality and we see where that gets us right ? In trouble all our lives. I'm so glad you're stopping the cycle. Congratulations !


9/2/10 12:59 A

That is so wonderful. Inspire me to do the same. It stops here too.

9/2/10 12:48 A

Godbless you what a wonderful and loving mother you are to take responsibility for your child like that had me crying tears of joy, overweight children suffer from many health problems and i respect you as a mother for doing what you are doing to help your children GOD bless you and your family.... wendy

MICHELLEFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
9/2/10 12:39 A

glad you and your family have found something that works for you

9/2/10 12:39 A

Don't even BUY juice and it won't BE an issue. Just 'forget' to buy it and soon the kids will think they never had it all that often. Offer fresh fruit...and they will eat it. My daughter wanted her water with ice in it before she would drink problem. Whatever it takes!! Two choices...water with or without ice? MOM just needs to make the decision as to what the choices will be. Best of luck..sounds like you are on the right track!! :)

WIZYBEF Posts: 3
9/2/10 12:39 A

That is so great that you are setting a good example for them at an early age. It's easier to change bad habits when you're young. This was very inspirational and I hope to set a good example for my daughtr as well!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,401
8/17/10 9:47 P

I think you're doing really great in getting the whole family to live healthier, while being really smart about it and not doing it in such a way that affects their self-image.


GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/17/10 7:20 P

Gabriellah, that's just it. We can't LIE to our OVERLY heavy kids and tell them it's okay to be big. Fact is, it is NOT healthy. I'm fat. I know what being fat can do to joints in the long run. Hypertension and heart disease and diabetes-run in my family, and I don't have diabetes or heart disease yet, and I am taking meds to control edema and hypertention. I want to prevent it altogether in my kids-ESPECIALLY since they have hypertension and diabetes in my side AND their daddy's side of their family.
I wanted to clobber their daddy a few times for outright telling her "You're too fat. You need to lose weight." when she was seven years old. I HAD to correct him in front of our daughter-which we don't normally do[correct eachother in front of the kids], but in this situation, I did feel it was necessary. Doing so did make him think about what he was saying/the way he said it. I mean, he's overweight. I'm overweight-sooooooo we can't say stuff like that and not ALSO try to change ourselves. I had to say "Yeah, Baby, you're heavy, but so are we. We all need to make healthier choices and try to get stronger and maybe even slimmer." I told her it is because I want her to live to be a great-grandma.

I'm venting now, aren't...I? *grr* Sorry.

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CJWORDPLAY SparkPoints: (423,992)
Fitness Minutes: (135,746)
Posts: 27,036
8/17/10 5:44 P

emoticon What a terrific gift you are giving yourself and your family. It feels great when we know we have choices. Your are making a meaningful difference and I applaud you. CJ

GABRIELLAH99 Posts: 404
8/17/10 5:36 P

What an awesome healthy way to raise your family. I commend you on finding the balance between watching your daughter's weight and not making her self-conscious of it! So many parents think it's wrong to worry about a child's weight b/c of the confidence issues it can have but this sounds like an amazing way to focus on little healthy habits that make a great difference!

KJE_3001 SparkPoints: (32,379)
Fitness Minutes: (21,062)
Posts: 1,261
8/17/10 4:56 P

That's awesome! Congratulations on making all those changes for your family that really add up.

VICTORIA12U Posts: 134
8/17/10 2:09 P

Hey there
We have a rule in our house. If it's not meal time you get water. At meal time you get milk. Got rid of juice about 4 months ago. Kids whined for about a month then they started filling their water bottles before they went out to play. Healthy steps.
It really helped by taking them out and letting them pick a water bottle that they thought was cool.

Edited by: VICTORIA12U at: 8/17/2010 (16:58)
GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/17/10 1:49 P

My daughter was on a fast track to having the same issues that I had as a child. I was over 100lbs by the time I was 10. Before the summer vacation started, I told her that I would do all I could to encourage that she be a "healthy hero"...more water, less juice, less junky snacks-more fruits and veggies, and a WHOLE lot more exercise.
She's 8 and she started the summer at almost 97lbs. In the last couple months, she's lost a little more than 4lbs. She's been outside on the bike Daddy got her for her birthday just about every single nice day we've had. She hasn't complained about limited portions, nor have I made her "clean her plate". The problem with obesity and over-eating in my family stops HERE.
My son is already fairly muscular, but he too was very picky, and wouldn't drink water if juice was also available-until I started telling him that if he's really thirsty, he'll drink water. He doesn't like waiting until he's really thirsty anymore, and just outright asks for water.

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