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2/11/14 11:12 A

Uh... no. Weight loss formulas aren't that simple. Here's how SP gets their numbers:

I prefer theirs.

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2/11/14 10:42 A

Well, it "kinda" works, but not for "weight loss"!!!

When I use their formula at my current weight it comes out around 2000 calories a day, or a bit more. Which - is close enough to what I expect my maintenance calories to be, if i decided to stick at this weight. Maybe a little high, but "a general idea."

When i use that same formula at my starting weight - it gives me a daily calorie intake of well over 3000 calories. Which - was probably about what I was eating.... and I was maintaining my weight of 245# while doing so.

The misleading part of the article is in suggesting it's a guide for "weight LOSS" because - nope, It's giving a (generous in my opinion) daily intake for MAINTENANCE.

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2/11/14 10:39 A

Aww, I only get to eat 2758! ;)

Yeah their math is seriously off there. I mean, just the fact that the only variable is your weight - not your target weight, nor activity level, nor muscle mass, height, or ANYTHING else. How can they say "eat this much and weight will fall off you!" if they aren't even taking in to account how much weight I need to lose? And plus the numbers are just WRONG.

Putting in my original weight of 200 lbs, I could have apparently eaten 3100 calories daily. O_o I need a good amount of calories for my tall frame, but not THAT good an amount!

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2/11/14 10:16 A

.... fixed link

And yes, it's crazy. There's some error in the calculation.
Mine comes out to 2680. I don't think I ate that much *before* I started this program. Other, more reliable (IMO), calculations set my number at about 1500. I try to refrain from that, too.

Of course, I don't think I'd use a source like that for anything other than entertainment.

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This is crazy!

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