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11/28/12 12:25 A

Thank you LVMY2SNSSLS.

People encouraging and motivating me really helps me want to be fit and healthy.
Thank you for your encouragement.

16 pounds in a few weeks is quite an achievement. Well done.

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11/27/12 11:55 P

I just wanted to wish you luck on your journey. Remember to take one day at a time. And if you do cheat please don't let that stop you!! Just start eating right at your next meal! I have just started my journey on Nov 5th and I am just taking it one day at a time!! I have lost 16 pounds and have 140 more to go!! emoticon

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11/27/12 11:31 P

STACKK-X SparkPoints: (675)
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11/27/12 11:15 P

So I joined SparkPeople on Monday. This is my 3rd day, and looking at my food tracker I can see just how bad i have gotten.

I came back from a 6 week holiday in August last year. I had the time of my life. Spending 4 weeks cruising the Mediterranean, huge breakfasts, buffet lunches and 7 course dinners. Then spent 2 weeks with my brother on a Contiki tour. It wasnt until i had got back home that i realised I was too embarrassed to show anyone all the photos I had taken.

I had reached my heaviest weight. 120kg. Being only 19 at the time it was extremely embarrasing. After 12 months of trying to lose weight, I had cut out carbs for 3 months, joined and cancelled a membership at Contours Gym, started a Bootcamp course and somehow after many highs, lows, and fluctuations in my weight, I got down to 96kgs.

I was so happy with myself that i decided I was allowed to eat carbs again. NO, NO, NO! Ever since then, I havent stopped. I weighed myself on Monday and was 100.1 kg. I was very diappointed. After all my hard work getting down to double digits, I was back up to triple.

I convinced my mum to help me eat healthy and we have since Monday, except my snacks are terrible, ive been eating chocolate and cookies for 3 days. Just done a little research to help re-educate me and i will be going to the shops to buy some peppermint tea and chewing gum to help substitute for my sugar cravings.

Last time I did it on my own and managed to lose a fair amount, so I am hoping this time with my mother helping me (she is cooking healthy dinners, etc which she never did before) and all the support from SparkPeople I should finally be able to get closer to my goal weight than ever before.

Sadly, I havent set a goal weight. I was told I should aim for 72 kg, but i dont think I will. All my life i have been bigger, even as a child. My nan constantly tells me I am big bonned so I should never expect to get down to 72kg. I am a size 16 and 100kg. I would love to be a size 12. I think that is where i will be happy, but i dont know what weight i would be if i ever was a size 12. So in one way, ive come from a size 22 down to a 16. I only have 2 more dress sizes to lose and I think I will finally be happy with my body for the first time in my life.

I will be turning 21 in April, so i would love to at least be about 85kg at my 21st.
The lightest I can ever remember being was 92kg, back in high school. I was a size 16 then as well. I guess just time and patience and hopefully one day I will be another success story to add to the many on SparkPeople!

S. xx

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