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MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
12/27/12 12:42 A

Blender. Vitamix is amazing but pricey. It's definitely on my wish list/saving up for list.

DEEINWI Posts: 1,095
12/25/12 7:28 P

I'm so glad I found this thread.
I actually bought a juicer for me for Christmas but am taking it back as I have been researching blender or juicer and hear more pros on the blender,so will take the juicer back and get a Good Blender!
Any suggestions on a blender that is good,and will actually make Smoothies w/o the chunks! Wanna make the green smoothies Dr Oz brags about, and just about any kind of smoothie,and one I can add ice to w/o chunks of ice.
Any input is appreciated.
emoticon deb

12/25/12 3:27 P

I was going back and forth between getting a juicer and a blender. My aunt ended up having a Ninja blender that she never used, and lent it to me. I've been "borrowing" it for over a year and use it every single day. It's a high powered blended for about $75.

I make smoothies with a ton of spinach, and mix in whatever fruit that I have on hand. Sometimes I use carrots, broccoli, beets, or other veggies.

It is different from a juicer. I find that the blender is able to get the same amount of veggies/nutrients, and I can drink them as quickly as I could juice. The plus side of using a juicer is that your body is (from what I've read) better able to absorb the nutrients than if the fiber is included. However, with smoothies, I find that the fiber helps me to feel full.

The other thing that makes juicing more difficult is that there is a lot of clean up involved... Though it depends on your juicer... But it will be harder than jut rinsing out a blender.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
12/25/12 11:19 A

I will echo the recommendation for a blender. If you can afford it, a VitaMix or Blendtec is an amazing kitchen appliance that you can make "whole juice" with, and also use for other tasks. I have had my Blendtec for almost a year, and I also use it to make pesto, hummus, guacamole, soup, and it can even grind flour and make low-cal "ice cream". There are some lower-cost versions - I believe Ninja is one.

I like to make green smoothies with mine - usually a big handful of spinach along with almond milk, banana and maybe blueberries or other fruit that I have on hand. Personally, I like to drink these very cold, and the blender does a great job of crushing ice into the mix, another thing a juicer can't do. A big green smoothie is a good way to get several servings of fruits and veggies - I usually have mine for breakfast, and it can also be made into a complete meal with some protein powder or Greek yogurt and some flax or coconut for added fat.

With that said, there are some things that I would like to have a juicer for, such as juicing beets and carrots. Having looked into them, the Champion juicer seems to be a good compromise between cost and quality. I've seen them used on Craigslist for around $100-150, and I think they are around $250 new.

12/24/12 3:55 P

I juice with my Smart Stick (immersion blender) which 1) keeps all the fiber in there, which since it doesn't absorb into the body as fast as just plain filtered-out juice, possibly helps with weight loss better. 2) I think fiber tastes good. 3) I don't have kitchen space for yet another gadget, and the immersion blender hides away easy.

I don't make smoothies -- I'll take this stuff straight up, maybe a little extra water or club soda to get the result to the consistency I like.

MELAFYAIYAI SparkPoints: (14,597)
Fitness Minutes: (8,610)
Posts: 193
12/24/12 3:44 P

It's not the fact that it needs to be liquid - it's the increase in most of the nutrition that is the benefit. While you do lose some of the fiber, you don't lose all of it, and the increase in the number of vegetables and fruit you take in makes up for it. Trust me - I never needed any extra fiber! lol

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/24/12 3:26 P

Why spend the money on a juicer when you can eat ALL the fruit from a blender. Make smoothies.

A juicer will remove the bulk, the fibre, that we go buy supplements to get.

There are no fixed recipes for smoothies. Mix and vary any recipe to make a smoothie you like.

1/2 - 1 cup of milk or almond or rice milk. (make sure it is unsweetened)
1 peeled orange
1 cored apple
1/2 cup kale + spinach + carrots
1/2 cup pineapple (I like fresh, but canned or unsweetened juice is fine)
1 cup Frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, and the list goes on and on) any variation will work.
(1/2 cup yogurt - plain or flavored will add an ice cream taste)
Blast that combination in a blender until it is smooth and drink it like a milkshake.

Better than any juicer emoticon

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GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
12/24/12 2:32 P

It CAN make a huge difference! When I'm juicing, I usually combine it with eating gluten-free & excluding sugar. I felt SO much better, weight fell off, looked better & never missed the gluten & sugar. And I'm talking a MAJOR sugar addict! I used a friend's Jack LaLane juicer, which I would have gotten if I could have afforded it. With a Groupon-like offer, I purchased a Big Boss juicer & have been very satisfied with it. Good luck! emoticon

IRISHGIRL3 Posts: 866
12/24/12 2:31 P

Thanks! It's definitely not a liquid fast - but I'm trying to eat super healthy (chicken, etc) steamed veggies and the like - I guess "cleanse" isn't the right word. I'm just trying to plan a better system for tax season and getting rid of the sugar cravings is part of it

MELAFYAIYAI SparkPoints: (14,597)
Fitness Minutes: (8,610)
Posts: 193
12/24/12 1:53 P

I have used a juicer at various times, and I can tell you it can make a huge difference in the way I feel! I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. 2 years ago I did a 35 day fresh vegetable/fruit juice fast for spiritual reasons, and couldn't believe how great I felt! Now, whenever I'm beginning to feel an increase in pain, I substitute juice for some of my meals. I use the same vegetables/fruit I would normally be eating, but a higher number, and begin to feel a difference within just a couple of days.

I have seen other people have the same type of experience, and recommend it.

I wouldn't suggest juice fasting as a weight-loss method, though. Just like with any other quick-loss method, the life-style change isn't there, which results in the weight coming back on again as soon as you stop.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,336)
Fitness Minutes: (106,493)
Posts: 3,851
12/24/12 11:04 A

Detox/cleanses are a scam and they don't work as a long term weight loss strategy.

I think a blender is a better investment than a juicer if you like to drink your food rather than eat it. If you use a blender to make smoothies, you will be consuming the entire fruit/veg that you put in the blender. Juicers separate the pulp and fiber from the juice, so you're not getting a lot of the good stuff that's contained in fruit and veg.

IRISHGIRL3 Posts: 866
12/24/12 9:36 A

Thanks guys!

Coach Jen - good point - my main goals are to 1) take in more fruits and veggies during my tax season, where it's more difficult and 2) help stop sugar cravings so I'm not sure if "cleanse" is really the most correct word.

MRSOLIVER455 Posts: 801
12/24/12 9:10 A

I'm not a big fan of cleanses. But I am a huge fan of juicing! I used to juice religiously, a big thing to remember is eat fruits don't drink them. You tend to take in more calories drinking the fruit than when you get them whole, I used to add them into my veggie juices to sweeten them but not alone. I use the Jack LaLanne PowerJuicer and love it! Just a few tips that I've picked up, I hope it helps

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,435
12/24/12 9:07 A


As far as cleanses go, SparkPeople doesn't recommend them. Your body is already very efficient at removing toxins, and cleanses can actually make you sick by messing with the balance of healthy bacteria in your system. The best way to "detox" is through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/24/12 8:46 A

get a double auger. they are the best. Check ebay after the holidays. you will hear it countless number of times on this site-- cleanses are not necessary. just up your clean eating.

IRISHGIRL3 Posts: 866
12/24/12 8:39 A

So, I've heard from friends how great it is to do a cleanse, etc after the holidays. I don't know if I would do that, but I am thinking about getting a juicer and try to incorporate that into my life and hopefully help me lower my sugar cravings while letting me get in my fruits and veggies.

Does anyone have certain ones they recommend or general pros and cons?

OR if anyone has done a fruit/veggie juice cleanse, have they worked? I'm mainly thinking if I did it, not to limit the calories in my range, but as more of a body detox from sweets, etc.


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