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2/16/11 8:52 A

in front of the computer??? you must have never spilled a drink or dropped crumbs in your keyboard. i NEVER eat near my

Northern NY
2/15/11 8:29 P

KJ Balance Life,

I thought the same thing. The eating was tied to emotion. So I was "thinking" I was an emotional eating when I am CARB and Calorie Crazed, which I am. Now that I am aware, I have improved 95%!

Glad you liked the post!

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2/14/11 5:44 A

emotional eater

2/13/11 11:59 P

Wow! That was insightful, 1- I thought the ONLY type of eating crazy was attached to some type of EMOTION. I am a primary portion-distortion eater and a secondary emotional eater. Really good strategies to approach that, thanks for posting.

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2/13/11 11:08 P

I'm carb and calorie crazed apparently... But they didn't give the option of eating too much in front of the COMPUTER! ;-)

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2/12/11 2:22 P

emoticon I took the quiz and am Portion/Emotional/Carb Crazed! The suggestions for overcoming where good

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2/11/11 4:56 P


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2/11/11 2:08 P

My result, Fast Fueler, made sense. I have a crazy work schedule and I only know when I work about a week in advanced. Sometimes I don't get home until 9:30 and I'll eat whatever I can find in the kitchen. My schedule makes it more difficult to plan when I exercise.

Hopefully I can overcome these obstacles and reach my goals.

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2/11/11 1:17 P

I wasn't surprised ....emotional eater all the way.
But, I have been working on it...and it is getting better.

"The true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him no good." -Ann Landers

The power of Fruitloops!

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2/11/11 12:24 P


2/11/11 11:44 A

I am carb and calorie crazed AND yes I AM! I have to always make a point to get my protein in at each meal to have a balanced day. But I have learned ways to do it and I am seeing success.

When I read the results I thought the same thing, that is sooooo Me! The quiz really helped me.

I am glad you enjoyed It emoticon

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2/11/11 9:45 A

ohh Hiking i dont feel so bad 2 had 4 stars the other 2 had 3!!

Northern NY
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2/11/11 3:46 A

Fast Fueler got the majority for me! I read it and went, yep thats me alright. Thanks for posting the quiz I liked it.

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2/11/11 3:36 A


Fast Fueler, Portion distortioner, Emotional eater- ALL with 4 SP symbols

Carb and calorie crazed with 3 SP symbols

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2/10/11 11:22 P

I'm a portion distortioner AND carb and calorie crazed. both the same full set of points. I dont agree on the portion distortioner..some questions asked about eating out, which i dont do...but if i did i would be!!!

Northern NY
2/10/11 10:52 P

Have you taken the Diet Personality Profiler Quiz? If not, try it. You may be surprised!

See which one you are:
Carb and Calorie Crazed
Emotional Eater
Fast Fueler
Portion Distortioner

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