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None of us are in a position to even begin to diagnose an issue, nor can we say how long this will last. I will say this, if you are in discomfort or pain, I would advise you not to run through it. Doing so may change your stride which could lead to bigger issues up or down the kinetic chain. As for cannot stretch away an injury.

I wish you a SPEEDY recovery!

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7/7/11 10:09 P

Thanks -- it definitely doesn't hurt, just feels tight/sore and goes away quickly. Thanks for the tips!

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I think you should go to the doctor we are not qualified to give people advice and since it has carried on since last week, know what your up against and get peace of mind that is nothing more sinner that a over stretched muscle.. Sometimes aches and pains can be one place but orignal somewhere else..

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Hey Val: while I am not a Dr., I am a registered nurse and I consulted with an athletic orthopedic surgeon and he smiled real big when I described the same thing to him that your described. He asked if it HURT and I told him no, it feels a little sore but I wouldnt call it PAINFUL and he said have you never been sore from overexertion of muscle you havent used in a while"? He said, keep doing what you are doing unless it gets painful then ice, ibuprofen and stretching before running or circuit training. Butt kicks and zombie struts help stretch areas, it helped me.

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7/7/11 9:59 P

Hey Val!

I wanted to start out by saying that i'm sorry you're in pain. Doing a lot more exercise than usual can definitely take a toll sometimes...especially when it comes to increasing running mileage.

However, no one on SP is really qualified enough to give you medical advice. I would definitely go see a doctor. If it was soreness i'd say it would probably just pass, but since the pain was causing you to limp, there might be something else wrong.

Good luck and i hope you feel better!

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Ever since last week, I have had a tightness in the front side of my right thigh. It started in the upper portion -- near the joint, and it has now moved down to right above the knee. I did a little internet research and found it may be the IT band, but I'm not sure. The first night I noticed the pain was right after a run, and it hurt pretty badly so I took some ibuprofen for the pain. It has caused me to limp a little until the tightness wears off, but I usually can walk normally after a minute or so. It does not hurt at all while I am running or exercising.

As for possible causes...I have been running more than usual (although this week I have cut back and begun cross-training because of the thigh issue) and I wonder if this is why. I'm not an "avid runner" by any means - but over the last 3 weeks I was running approximately 4 miles 5 days a week. I keep the pace fairly slow for a person like me - about 10-11 minute mile. I am active, but I used to only run 2 miles a day 5 days a week, and recently upped it to try and lose a little extra weight.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out two things 1) when will this go away? and 2) are there any stretches that may help? Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help!

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