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RIE567 Posts: 122
6/11/13 1:15 P

Thanks, Coach Denise! Clearly, I WAS missing something. I used the link you sent, and everything worked out beautifully. I'm so glad to be able to track the recipes easily, and the bonus recipes were a nice surprise. Yay! emoticon

STEFIGURL SparkPoints: (15,631)
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6/10/13 4:32 P

The Remember Me Coq Au Vin is DELICIOUS!!!!!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,933
6/10/13 11:32 A

Most of the recipes from the cookbook are not listed on the SparkRecipes site, however, if you entered the code from your cookbook, you will have access to the recipes for tracking purposes in your recipe tab on your nutrition tracker page. If you haven't entered the code for purchasing the book, you can follow the instructions here to do that:

Coach Denise

RIE567 Posts: 122
6/9/13 11:36 A

One Thanksgiving, I browsed the web looking for healthier versions of traditional recipes, and found several from "Chef Meg." That led me to the SP Cookbook. I bought one for myself, then I bought fifteen more for my family and friends!

Years later, it's still my go-to cookbook when I have no idea what to make for dinner, but I want something healthy. I tried following one of the suggested weekly menus, but it was too much all at once for me, so now I'm trying to perfect a few of my favorite recipes so I can make them as quickly and consistently as Chef Meg--then I'll go on to a few more.

Eventually, the Cookbook led me to the website, and happily, here I am today. Now I have a dilemma:

Last week, I spent days trying to make the grilled fish tacos. Every day, there was some new reason why it didn't work out: I forgot to buy one ingredient, we had a dinner commitment that night, one of the older ingredients went bad so I had to rebuy it, etc. I finally made the tacos (they were amazing!--and I don't even like fish.) Then, I tried to track them in the Nutrition Tracker and get my Sparkpoints for making a recipe.

I was so disappointed I couldn't find these tacos listed in SparkRecipes, so I didn't get Sparkpoints for making a recipe. Then in order to track it, I eventually added the recipe using the Recipe Calculator, but I'm not sure I got it 100% correct...

Am I missing something? I was sure all the recipes from the SP Cookbook would be on the website. Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks in advance--

JOLETA1003 SparkPoints: (4,626)
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4/19/13 6:31 P

I had to go back a page or two from that but I found it. Thank you so much. I've already put two of the recipes in rotation for this week. So excited.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,933
4/19/13 5:27 P

For the Kindle version, it should be on location 9134. If you don't see it there, you may need to page forward or backward a little as it may be slightly off since you are using it on your iPad.

Coach Denise

JOLETA1003 SparkPoints: (4,626)
Fitness Minutes: (682)
Posts: 13
4/19/13 4:42 P

I ordered the cookbook for the kindle program on my iPad and it says to enter the code on page 467 to get the spark points but my kindle version doesn't have that many pages. Not sure where to find the code. Thanks.


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