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1/10/13 10:46 A

you need to enjoy what you are doing, but you also need to continually challenge yourself. I do HIIT training 12-20 minutes a day. I have some DVD's that I follow or I will do the ZWOW's on youtube or the or make up my own routines. Several fitness people I follow on facebook will also make up routines for HIIT.

The DVD's have a beginner, intermediate and advanced. I am between beginner and intermediate even though I have been exercising like this for two years. I just increase speed, weight or intensity and not necessarily the deepness of the move.

Gotta love what you do or you will stop doing it. Reason I don't run and don't use machines.

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1/9/13 4:52 P

wow thank you both for those responses!

I honestly thought the more i sweated, the more i lost lol

And I should definitely change my routine more often then, I usually just stick to the ones i enjoy in the first place.

Thank you ladies so much!

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The more our bodies become accustomed to doing a particular routine, the more efficient it becomes when we do them. In other words for me to run 1 mile today, I burn approximately 15 less calories per mile today than when I started running 7 years ago--some of this has to do with me weighing less and the other factor is due to my body's adaptation. This is what the experts call the principle of specificity. So in order for me to burn the same calories I must run faster, farther or add in hills.

I do caution members that sweat is not always an indicator as to how hard one is working out. Heart rate is by far a better indicator--as your body demands more oxygen, your heart rate will increase in relation to the amount of oxygen the muscles need to produce the energy.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/8/13 6:46 P

Sweat isn't really an indicator of how hard you're working. :) It can have as much to do with environment, stress, genetics, or humidity as anything! I work my butt off, but I rarely sweat. I've always been prone to heat-related illness, too!

Intervals, though, are generally a bit more intense as a general rule.

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1/8/13 6:41 P

Last year I started doing the slim in 6 videos. I had gotten to know week 1's routine pretty well before i gave up on the entire resolution. I've noticed though that when i started up the slim in 6 again last week, I did not sweat as much in an hour as i did with the spark people cardio- intervals 8 minute video. How is that possible? And does anybody else notice the easier looking ones tend to be harder?

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