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1/7/14 1:22 P

Actually, you're already burning far, far more than 500 calories per day! The vast majority of the calories you burn come from daily living. Add exercise on top of that, and then adjust your *diet* to make the 500 calorie deficit... not adding more exercise.

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1/6/14 8:30 A

If you want to get into body weight strength training, check out "Body by You" by Mark Lauren. It's a book that helps you create a body weight strength training routine with no equipment that you don't already have in your house. Also, resistance bands are much cheaper and more versatile than weights to do strength training with if you decide to get a piece of equipment.

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1/5/14 7:06 P

You need to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day (on average) in order to lose about one pound per week. That means you're burning 500 more calories than you're consuming, but not all of that has to come from exercise. That can come from a combination of diet and exercise. For example, perhaps you burn 1500 calories per day just by living (heart beating, walking to and from your car, etc.) and you consume 1300 calories. That means you burned 200 more than you consumed, and you'd need to burn an additional 300 through exercise to reach that 500 target.

That's how the math works, but keep in mind our bodies are very complicated and don't always cooperate with what the math says should happen. In general, if you set up your SparkPeople program with your weight loss goals, you'll get a calorie range to help you reach those goals.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

Coach Jen

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1/5/14 6:48 P

According to the articles on here, I need to burn off at least 500 calories a day to lose 1-2 pounds a week, along with eating healthier. I've been doing the 28 day challenge, and along with the video of the day, I try to do one or two more, or at least do another exercise during the day.

My problem is this: Finding a workout that's going to help me burn off the calories I need to burn! Today, I did the video of the day for my challenge, plus the Day1 video, along with two other videos. And yet, I've only burned 300 of those 500 calories. That's barely over half. Now granted, that is a lot better than my usual. Which is maybe 100 a day, now that I've begun working out and actually doing what I'm supposed to. But I'd really like to hit that 500 a day, so I can start to actually lose the weight I want to lose, and build the muscle I need.

I do come from a sedentary background, so my fitness level is at the beginner stages. I'm about 30 pounds overweight, and 45 pounds over what I want to be. I enjoy doing cardio exercises, but I am not a good runner and I have found that after running/jogging for even a little, I feel sick. I also don't have weights, so I would like to use my own body to burn those calories.

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