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The rest of the family is NOT Sparking

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Posts: 545
7/12/11 2:58 P

I buy junk food for the husband, because he can eat it and enjoy it and finish the bag and not gain weight. His choice. I would love to eat it, but being that I KNOW I will overindulge, I abstain. It gets easier when you start to see real results, trust me. It's positive that you realize that they will not change just because you do. I understand the torture...hang in there. You'll be glad you did!!

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Posts: 763
7/12/11 2:35 P

Remember this is a LIFESTYLE not a DIET so therefore we need to incorporate day to living, my advice is go to the Ice Cream shop with you family and order a small or kids portion and incorporate this snack into your total calories.

Allow yourself to enjoy life and it will feel like less of a chore and more of a choice

Posts: 1,425
7/12/11 1:43 P

...and YOUR RIGHT the only person we can control is OURSELVES. emoticon

Posts: 3,846
7/12/11 1:39 P

I hear you. There have been times when my family members have brought home ice cream, candy, cokes, cakes, and all manner of tempting foods. Asking them to change is no good, you can only change yourself.

You mentioned that you were once the ring leader for finding fast, fattening food. Well, if you hang in there long enough, maybe you can eventually become the leader in healthy living.

Best wishes,

Posts: 15,936
7/8/11 11:51 A

"Its THE REAL WORLD. NOBODY is going to stop eating the way they do cause I am changing how I have always eaten"

Glad you realized that!

Posts: 1,425
7/8/11 11:25 A

They order out LATE NIGHT and go for late night runs for ice cream and other delicious goodies.
I BEG THEM not to do it...or eat it in another room. It tortures me...
The smells are even more appetizing after your done eating for the day. I have to laugh...
Its THE REAL WORLD. NOBODY is going to stop eating the way they do cause I am changing how I have always eaten...and use to be the ring leader in coming up with new ideas for finding fast fattening foods.
Bit by bit it comes down to my commitment TO MYSELF and my own fitness.
Doesn't make it any easier to deal with EVERYONE in the household going out for WHAT I LOVE. Pray for me. lol

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