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1/7/13 3:22 P

Great advice!

Think positively
Exercise Daily
Eat Healthy
Work Hard
Stay strong
Build faith
Worry less
Read more
Be happy
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1/7/13 12:21 P


A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. (Winston Churchill)
ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,926
1/7/13 10:45 A

totally! have talked myself into "showing up" with the "oh just walk a leisurely pace for a while" and yup once I'm there... the competitiveness kicks in.... most times anyway emoticon

good goal!

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1/7/13 10:39 A

Yes sir! This is right. The hardest part is the start- once you get going, you finish.

STODD251 Posts: 716
1/7/13 9:29 A

Absolutely! I think you're on to something1

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1/7/13 8:24 A

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1/7/13 7:53 A

I come home from work everyday, change into my workout clothes, fix my husbands supper and then I head to my workout room. No excuses, just do it!!!! emoticon

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

¯ Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/7/13 7:46 A

Good advice! emoticon I wake up every morning at 4:15 to hit the gym for 5:00, so it will make me or break me whether I get out of bed- once I'm up, I'm there! If I hit the snooze button, I can kiss my workout goodbye and have regret for the rest of the day. I agree- just get there.

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1/7/13 6:54 A

Just put on the exercise clothes / shoes and show up to do some kind of exercise. Start in and if you don't feel like working out today, fine -- at least you put out the effort to show up! Most always you will continue and get through your workout. The hardest thing is getting yourself to show up, so simply make that your goal! It works for me!

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