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MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
8/10/10 9:53 A

I don't waste my time watching TV. Hundreds of channels of mindless drivel will only make one brain dead.

JUGE300000 SparkPoints: (104,569)
Fitness Minutes: (89,066)
Posts: 5,316
8/10/10 9:52 A

It seems to me that ALL TV commercials rely on the fact that the American consumer is stupid. I hate most tv commercials.

MOUCHE Posts: 8,013
8/10/10 9:50 A

Too many to name!!! LOL

MGPAQUIN Posts: 359
8/9/10 10:41 P

Pretty much anything that Hardee's has ever produced. DISGUSTING!

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
8/9/10 10:35 P

don't know--I have TiVo and don't watch commercials

GRIMMIE2 SparkPoints: (16,069)
Fitness Minutes: (15,851)
Posts: 474
8/9/10 10:09 P

There's one with two ugly identical twin girls standing in front of an oven (maybe it's two identical ovens) and they're talking in unison. I have no idea what the commercial is advertising because I fast forward through the commercial or change channels because it is SUCH an incredibly annoying commercial. I don't think it's on anymore, thank goodness--I absolutely hated it!

TEMPERANCE88 Posts: 2,561
8/9/10 8:54 P

The Carl's Jr commercials are sooooo annoying! I can't stand the way the guy talks! And the food looks gross.

LAURIEANNIE1 Posts: 2,203
8/9/10 8:29 P

The commercials aimed at men with ED and they always end up in 2 bathtubs! How often do you ever see claw foot bathtubs on a dock at a lake, or in a meadow, or anywhere else they put them. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!

NSBOWEN Posts: 1,763
8/9/10 8:26 P

The attorney commercial where there all standing around, wearing black of course, acting like there talking and then when they say the name of the firm they all stop and turn to the camera. Very very annoying.

STEPHENTDAILEY SparkPoints: (18,344)
Fitness Minutes: (9,879)
Posts: 243
8/9/10 8:12 P

The viagra commercials and commercials of the like. My children should not have to watch commercials promoting sex. These commercials should come on after 10:00pm for the sake of our kids.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,217
8/9/10 8:08 P

The Dell commercial with Lollipop playing. It went away for awhile and then came back

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 5:11 P

hey you all are great - so why the hell do we have to put up with this crap!?!!
i agree that marketing to the children and teens; and pandering to all the inadequacies every single human being in the free world has IS SLEAZE and UNDERHANDED. the billions of dollars spent on advertising the most useless junk - could be spent on worthwhile causes. i have to say i am glad for the remote .
I also emailed the TODAY SHOW - HODA AND KATHY CAN YOU STOP WITH THE PLUGGING OF STUPID AND USELESS STUFF - what junk - i really don't watch it anymore since Katie Couric left. BB

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,025)
Posts: 3,659
8/9/10 5:10 P

I'm tired of Comcasts "Bundle" commercials.

TANZAR2002 Posts: 773
8/9/10 4:58 P

the commercial that makes you think that there is sex going on and the lady is washing her hair, do we always have to make sexual innuendo to sell a product. there are children watching TV, and parents end up having to explain more too early to young ones

8/9/10 4:56 P

Definitely like SPOOKYA. Said, the Special K commercial ticks me off. Every time I see it I can't help but think well no wonder women have serious body image issues, are constantly dieting, and develop eating disorders. This girl looks rail thin and is trying to lose weight? Yeah right. So even if you're thin it's never thin enough? Come on!!

Also, the KitKat ones are extremely annoying.

8/9/10 4:50 P

Head-On, apply directly to the forehead.
Head-On, apply directly to the forehead.
Head-On, apply directly to the forehead.

Anyone remember THAT piece of work?

MSXENOVIA Posts: 798
8/9/10 4:42 P

I'm with DMJAKES on the KitKat commercial. When that comes on I'll change channels immediately. UGH!

INTAMERNET Posts: 1,065
8/9/10 4:40 P

The one for tampons or pads. It say's "Have a happy Period." I HATE IT!

LISSIE88 Posts: 635
8/9/10 4:37 P

I hate the Hughes Net commercials. The ones with the readhead. She just irks me to no end.

SLENDER2B Posts: 474
8/9/10 4:34 P

I hate the commercials aimed at men with E D. I think such conversations should stay in the doctor's office.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
8/9/10 4:30 P

I actually love watching commercials....I always have. The ads are the only reason I watch the superbowl. The Betty White/Snickers one from last year was genius!! I think it's E Trade that has the babies talking on their ads...I LOVE those!

Anyway, the ones that irk me right now are the Kit Kat one where people are chomping, chewing and breaking their Kit Kats and it forms a "melody".....hearing people chew makes me cringe.

Speaking of chewing, there's a Nature Valley one where the woman is SO obviously not really chewing....makes me want to call them up and volunteer to show her how to really take a bite!!

To the PP whose child doesn't get the push beind the ads....when one of the toys breaks or he is otherwise let down, be sure to take the opportunity to talk about it (on his level, of course). My son caught on really quick and we had some really good discussions about what can be believed. On the food front, I always held fast food as a "treat", not something we did on a regular basis.

Edited by: DMJAKES at: 8/9/2010 (16:37)
MARTI1731 Posts: 39
8/9/10 4:14 P

The baby diaper commercial with the kid in the blue jean diaper makes me gag. Give me a break do we need a toddler with sex appeal - kind of just turns my stomach! emoticon

BRIANETICS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,517)
Posts: 135
8/9/10 4:11 P

I find all advertising that is targeted at children (especially young ones) as completely disgusting. My child does not understand that the food you want him to eat is crap and not "part of a nutritious" meal at all. He also does not understand that the plastic piece of crap toy that does all the cool stuff on t.v. does not actually do any of that and will probably break within a week. Nor does he understand that whatever the advertisers opinion is of what gives him self worth in fact is grossly skewed and has nothing to do whatsoever with his value as a human being. Sadly, my young son buys hook line and sinker all the claims of commercials targeted at him. Of course the purpose of this type of advertising in the end is to pit the child against the parent because the child thinks he must have "product x" in order to be cool, be accepted, fit in, whatever, else he will not be happy and the parent sees through the obvious lies and distortions. Those of us who are parents know the outcome of trying to reason with a young child who must have something or he/she will die. These advertisers and corporations bank on the fact that the parents will cave in and by their junk. Obviously it works because marketing to children is a $17 billion business annually. People who market to children are sleaze balls and the scum of the earth.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,250
8/9/10 4:11 P

I hate any commercial where they have actresses laughing hysterically at the most inane thing.

There is one advertising a denture product and the woman blows the steam off of her corn on the cob. And then she starts laughing like it is the funniest thing ever.

AUBIE822 Posts: 923
8/9/10 4:00 P

too many!

1. Hardees/Carl Jr. where you can ACTUALLY HEAR the people eating and swallowing! Gag!

2. Digger, the toenail fungus creature. What sick bastard dreamed that up??

8/9/10 3:59 P

All of the drug commercials that have to take five minutes to list the HORRIBLE side effects that sound worse than what the drug is trying to "cure". The minerva birth control commercial and the eyelash enhancement commercial are two that really get to me.

The lawyer commercials trying to convince people to sue if they were on such a such a drug and have one bad thing or another happen to them.

LEAG0628 Posts: 1,987
8/9/10 3:35 P

LOL I actually kind of like the Huggies blue jean diaper commercial... the fact that it's so ridiculous makes it comical.

8/9/10 3:23 P

The Geico cavemen commercials!!!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,173
8/9/10 3:12 P

My least favorite commercials are:

1. All these medication commercials. Ask your doctor if "xxx" medication is right for you.

2. The J.G. Wentworth and Cash Point commercials.

3. I'm really tired of the Geico Gecko. The other ones are funny, expecially the fact that former drill seargents make terrible therapists.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
8/9/10 3:08 P

I hate those High Fructose Corn Syrup commercials, which try to convice people that "Like any sugar, it's fine in moderation"

The problem with HFCS is that it's almost impossible to moderate; it's in everything!

TERRYT55 SparkPoints: (135,979)
Fitness Minutes: (171,523)
Posts: 6,428
8/9/10 2:57 P

Binder and Binder......YUK

KALYNN06 Posts: 167
8/9/10 2:57 P

Those Special K commercials make me insane too. I want to scream at her to eat the stupid pastry if she wants it, because a sharp wind will blow her over right now.

KALYNN06 Posts: 167
8/9/10 2:57 P

Those Special K commercials make me insane too. I want to scream at her to eat the stupid pastry if she wants it, because a sharp wind will blow her over right now.

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
8/9/10 2:54 P


I absolutely agree about the trophy wives...and Like those women would be caught dead with those guys anyway....very rare indeed!

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 2:51 P

and all the so called 'shock' value stuff - why do we have to see pizza splattered all over the place, or people tasting something and being 'BLOWN OUT OF THEIR CHAIRS AND THRU WALLS' - things exploding---
men in white quilted paper rolls running in to wipe up a glass of OJ - why did that stupid women have it RIGHT AT THE VERY EDGE OF THE COUNTER in the first place - i spent years showing my kids how to be careful and use common sense - UUUUGGH
and we are subjected to all this WHY!? IF ANYTHING IT MAKES ME NOT BUY any of their crap. BB

8/9/10 2:34 P

Oh and....ANY commercial where the husband is overwieght and balding and the wife is a trophy wife just makes me cringe. It's like it's ok for men to be normal looking, but MUST be on top of your game. looks like he was the one who gave birth to the kids!

8/9/10 2:32 P

I don't get the blue jean diapers.

Why would I pay extra for blue jean diapers when my child is wearing pants anyways? Who lets their kid run around in public with just a diaper????

8/9/10 2:23 P

Also anything where someone is "washing" their face with makeup on. D:

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
8/9/10 2:13 P

those Huggies commercials for denim looking diapers...
" I Want to Poo in Blue"
WTF is that STUPID is what that is!! LOL

SILVERJUDI Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 2:06 P

The AARP commercials for medicare supplement insurance.

All medicare supplement policies offer the exact same coverage (by Law) and AARP's policy through United Health care is exactly the same.

Yes, you can keep your own doctors. Yes, they handle the paperwork...

(Good topic. It's always good to vent.) Hundai's "hidden camera' commercials are so bogus.

Edited by: SILVERJUDI at: 8/9/2010 (14:09)
BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 1:58 P

Sweetie - that's is a good one - i agree WTH!!!BB

JOY1972 SparkPoints: (53,284)
Fitness Minutes: (45,339)
Posts: 844
8/9/10 1:56 P

The Activia commercial with the woman slurping the yogurt - disgusting! Like nails on a chalkboard.


KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
8/9/10 1:48 P

Do you need caaaashhh now? the JG Wentworth commercials. He looks like a shister! I cannot stand how he says cash!

SWEETIE022189 Posts: 156
8/9/10 1:47 P

Those stupid Burger King commercials, the one where some guy wakes up and "the king" is in his bed with him.....WTH?

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 1:44 P

my sentiments exactly SpookyA- that goes for all the skin care stuff too - most of these girls have no cellulite, zits, lumps or bumps yet they advertise all the stuff that 'helps minimize the look etc etc' what a crock.
at least the jenny craig/nutrisystem ads start off with some one who has some weight to lose and follows thru -
i like that Kirsty Allie was so up front about it all - going up then down then up again - that's realty. BB

8/9/10 1:41 P

The Special K ones where the girls must already be a size "00" and talking about losing weight. Make me wanna punch walls!!!

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,816
8/9/10 1:29 P

I hate that diaper commercial too!! Stupid!!

TAMAMI Posts: 459
8/9/10 1:29 P

I hate any mouthwash commercials. I don't want to see anyone swishing the mouth! Please!
I also hate the "Slap Chop" by Vince. Aghhhh! Go away!

PANSYLADY2 Posts: 5,055
8/9/10 1:25 P

The new Quizno's commercial with the cardboard cats. They could do better than that, I'd think.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
8/9/10 1:23 P

The 'my diaper is Full ----- Full of Fashion' - the music, the male narrator and the angles of the camera with the little boy ALL OF IT

Tim Horton's guy yelling in the car about his Mocha=

Man tasting activia and talking with his mouthful -

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