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SparkPoints: (124,800)
Fitness Minutes: (168,285)
Posts: 3,908
7/1/10 7:05 A

Wow, 15 in a month. emoticon

Posts: 2
7/1/10 7:03 A

Don't you just love those aha moments!

Posts: 1
7/1/10 7:00 A

Congrats on a great job!! emoticon

Posts: 1
7/1/10 6:56 A

I just love the words you choose to use in how your really felt "I feel younger every time I tie on my running shoes:. you go girl. emoticon

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,714)
Posts: 614
7/1/10 6:50 A

wow !! goodjob!!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 2
7/1/10 6:48 A

Congrats on being featured in the Spark daily email! What a bonus, eh? Keep up the good work.

Posts: 1,373
7/1/10 6:47 A

Wow. 15 lbs is quite a bit for a first month, but I'm sure it depends on how much you need to lose. I think I lost 7 my first 4 weeks, I'll have to check on that. Great job!

Posts: 1,644
7/1/10 6:45 A

Great work! Inspiring! emoticon emoticon


Posts: 11
7/1/10 6:32 A

Thank you for reminding me that it can be done and not to give up and that even small chages can make a difference

SparkPoints: (8,900)
Fitness Minutes: (7,009)
Posts: 356
7/1/10 6:26 A

Lots of great things to celebrate emoticon

Posts: 108
7/1/10 6:19 A

Congrats on making changes and sticking with them!!

SparkPoints: (19,829)
Fitness Minutes: (16,277)
Posts: 1,125
7/1/10 6:17 A

VERY inspiring! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 23
7/1/10 6:13 A

What a great message and how true. I find this to be so true. It is so easy to block out what our brain really wants to do, eat the good food, not the junk for a quick fix and exercise even though we are trying to talk ourselves out of it. Thanks for bringing to the front these thoughts. Congratulations and keep up the great work in your path of weight loss.

Posts: 1,176
7/1/10 6:11 A

Well done and congrats to you for making decisions to enhance your life! Your blog made me smile. Thank you.

SparkPoints: (176,070)
Fitness Minutes: (52,595)
Posts: 17,719
7/1/10 6:06 A

You are doing so so well....go Girl.... emoticon emoticon
15 lbs in 4 weeks is an awesome effort....

Keep it up and your goal will be achieved in no time.....

Blessings &

Posts: 32
7/1/10 6:04 A

That's great...getting older means you're getting close to the perfect body.
If you didn't have any goals to achieve, what fun would life be!

SparkPoints: (187,488)
Fitness Minutes: (145,978)
Posts: 11,980
7/1/10 6:03 A

Way to Go!

Posts: 4,359
7/1/10 6:03 A

And you'll find the more you practice these healthy choices, the more they become a part of your lifestyle. It really is great to be feeling younger, isn't it? emoticon

SparkPoints: (65,604)
Fitness Minutes: (72,166)
Posts: 1,903
7/1/10 6:01 A

Excellent job!

Posts: 159
7/1/10 5:57 A

Hi! Piggsy,
Congratulations! I Think You Are Doing A WONDERFUL JOB! KEEP UP The GOOD WORK! I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU! emoticon emoticon

Posts: 3
7/1/10 5:46 A

Hi Piggsy
Congrats I am still in the stumbling block stage where I make a little head way then have a little lapse but you give me inspiration with your success thanks

Posts: 11
7/1/10 5:46 A

Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring!!!!

SparkPoints: (42,057)
Fitness Minutes: (29,502)
Posts: 3,755
7/1/10 5:42 A

Congratulations!!!!! I too have had the same experience since starting sparkpeople in Janurary. The good habits have become second nature at this time.

Posts: 5
7/1/10 5:36 A

Congrats! 15 pounds is quite an accomplishment
Graduating a child is also a big deal, Lots to celebrate emoticon

Posts: 112
7/1/10 5:32 A

You are heading in the right direction. emoticon

Posts: 14
7/1/10 5:30 A

I am so proud of your efforts. Keep up the good work. emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,499)
Fitness Minutes: (788)
Posts: 40
7/1/10 5:23 A

Congrats! Its wonderful to make a change for the better isn't it. :)

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,315)
Posts: 673
7/1/10 5:13 A


Good for you! 15 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! Keep up the good work.

Congrats on your son's graduation, as well.

Posts: 20
7/1/10 4:33 A

Bet you feel great sounds easy to do to most people. But it is like a light going on.Keep up the good work emoticon emoticon

Posts: 39,707
7/1/10 4:22 A

Good for you !
Congratulations on your weight loss !
Congrats also, on your son's Graduation !
All the best to you all !

SparkPoints: (26,560)
Fitness Minutes: (12,170)
Posts: 622
7/1/10 4:05 A

Hi Piggsy

It's my birthday today; I'm 47. I still feel and look quite young, but I'm similarly aware of the little decisions I make each day, or fail to make, and the impact it has on me: chatting on the net instead of working, studying, exercising, etc, and time witters by. I found SparkPeople 3 days ago on my mobile phone, then registered on the website. I've set specific goals and daily/weekly challenges and, like you, I have found in SparkPeople that incentive to keep it up.

Thanks for your encouraging post.


Posts: 346
7/1/10 3:49 A

Excellent... Just samazing.

Posts: 124
7/1/10 2:51 A

That's fantastic! Congrats! ;-)

Posts: 1
7/1/10 2:46 A

That's so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

SparkPoints: (74,946)
Fitness Minutes: (36,560)
Posts: 9,457
7/1/10 2:44 A

emoticon I hope I can persuade my mom to be like you - feeling younger, healthier!

Posts: 477
7/1/10 2:30 A

Thank You and WTG you are an inspiration to me. emoticon

Posts: 221
7/1/10 2:24 A

Way to go. It is mind over matter which is what you are starting to accomplish. Keep up the good work. I am starting to feel the same way you are. My goal to feel younger, to be able to do more with my family and to look fit and trim when my son graduates from high school in 2013. I hope to reach my goal weight of 149 by 04/19/11. We are in this journey together.

Edited by: JHARBESON at: 7/1/2010 (02:25)

Posts: 382
7/1/10 2:13 A

What a great feeling, isn't it! I've just started to get the same feeling and I just love it. The not feeling old works for me too. emoticon

Posts: 409
7/1/10 1:44 A

You should be really proud of yourself. Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon

Posts: 12
7/1/10 1:34 A

Me too! Although I am just now starting my journey, I too realize that I am in control and not my circumstances. So, if I have a bad day (not if but when) I don't have to eat a 3,000 calorie meal. I choose to eat what I know I need to because I love me and in order to be healthy, I have to exercise and watch what I eat...regardless how I feel and what happens to me. Making right decisions will turn into right habits which will turn into a happy and successful life for me. Thanks for sharing your light bulb moment. Love it!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 29
7/1/10 1:02 A

Hi, that is so weird, because I woke up this morning feeling exactly the same. The PENNY HAS DROPPED!!!!
Amazing, lets keep it up!

Posts: 677
7/1/10 12:39 A

Way to go. You are making life changing decisions every day. Not only should you be proud of your son, but you should also be proud of yourself.

Posts: 597
7/1/10 12:37 A

Woohoo!!! You're well on your way to a whole new healthier life. Great job.

Posts: 77
7/1/10 12:26 A

great job!My final post and I am off to sleep!

Posts: 960
6/14/10 12:51 P

Good job!

Posts: 609
6/13/10 1:34 P

I love how the hard decisions about eating/moving transition to easier choices and then to things that you look forward to and start to do as part of your new "normal"

you are doing great!

Edited by: OREOSMILE at: 7/1/2010 (08:47)

Posts: 463
6/13/10 12:39 P

Wow, you're doing awesome! It's amazing how those small thought out choices are really adding up to some big progress!!


Posts: 10,160
6/13/10 11:34 A

As my husband says, "It's not the model year, it's the mileage". We're rolling back the odometer here! Way to go!!!

SparkPoints: (55,064)
Fitness Minutes: (43,417)
Posts: 11,702
6/13/10 11:02 A

Woohoo -- this is a great start on your healthy lifestyle adventure. Keep getting younger :).


Chris (SparkGuy)

Posts: 77
6/13/10 8:52 A

After 4 weeks (and 15 lbs. lost), I've begun to recognize all the little decisions I make during the day, and how I let my bad habits dictate my decisions before. I now freely choose to "eat this and not that", and to-when-and how to exercise (instead of watching TV). These new ways are not quite yet (good) habits -- it takes a true decision still to do the right thing -- but the fact that I am choosing to make these decisions is pretty cool. And, now I've decided, that while its to hot outside to go walk the dog, I will go to the gym and work the treadmill. Thanks SparkPeople.

PS: My son just graduated from high school yesterday. I am so proud of him.
I was asked if that made me feel old. I don't. I feel younger every time I tie on my running shoes and with every lb. of fat I take off of my back (or belly).

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