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7/16/12 10:08 P

Day 3 notes:

Overall the day went okay. Smoothie for breakfast, veggie burger for lunch, big salad for dinner, fruit and nuts for snacks.
It's 8pm and I'm craving a cookie. I had some orange slices, which seemed to help, but I still have that urge to just go chow down on some dessert. But, I'm tired not hungry. Since I have two toddlers I'm chronically sleep deprived, and usually physically exhausted. I got tons of stuff done today around the house and both kids fell asleep early. Compared to most people I have a ton of energy but I find I just am constantly moving all day and then when I finally sit down to relax in the evening I realize how tired I am.

In terms of a long-term lifestyle change, I really do think that eating vegan or at least mostly vegan is something I could do. When I just focus on eating healthy foods, I find I feel better about myself and my body. I hate feeling deprived, and when I do, I tend to reach out for unhealthy foods when I'm not hungry as a sort of a backlash to the deprivation. Surprisingly, I don't really feel deprived without the dairy and meat. And I find it virtually impossible to overeat vegetables or fruit. When my body is full I can feel it easier when I'm eating healthy foods. When I'm eating junk, that full signal is just too dim.

SUPERFIT81 Posts: 22
7/15/12 6:34 P

Day 2 notes

I added spinach to my breakfast smoothie - surprisingly tasted much better than it looked.
Instead of my usual frappacino I had iced coffee with soy milk.
Weighed in at 142.6 this morning.
Had edamame for a snack, spring rolls for lunch, lots of fruit and some chips.
No serious cravings yet.
Stomach wasn't quite so puffy this morning but still far from how I'd like it to look.
I LOVE not having to count calories and just focusing on the nutritious quality of food and how I feel instead. If I'm hungry, I eat.
Lots of walking around today but no big workout.

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7/14/12 4:20 P

Day 1

I thought it might be a good idea to start a daily journal here, to keep myself accountable. I have been struggling with losing the last 5-10 lbs to finally reach my goal weight and it is so frustrating. I typically eat pretty healthily but lately I've been having a bowl of ice cream each night and overindulging in cookies and such. So, my goal is to really cut back on all the unhealthy junk and eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. I rarely eat meat but I'd like to go 100% vegan for a few weeks and cut out the dairy as well. So here goes. Today is Day 1. I'll aim for 21 days of all-vegan healthy eating and I'll update daily.

A little about me: I'm a SAHM to two toddlers. I lead a pretty active lifestyle but I don't have the time to work out and do as much sporty stuff as I did before I had kids. I started out around 160 a month after my 2nd baby was born about a year ago and have slowly lost the weight until now, this morning, I weighed in at 144.8. I have counted calories in the past but it's such a pain, especially when I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and salads and such, where there are 10 ingredients to add for each meal. I can maintain my weight pretty well by just listening to how my stomach/body feels and I have a pretty good idea about the nutrition content of different foods.

So far today, I've done fine. I don't miss the animal products at all yet. I am also choosing to eat vegan because I strongly believe in the political/ethical side of things, but I won't go into that here! I figure since this is a weight loss site, I'll stick to that, and I don't want to get all preachy or anything. I am sure I will start to crave cheese soon, and it will be tough to say no to the ice cream tonight. Time to go plan some healthy family meals that I can adapt for myself (my kids and husband still eat animal products).

10pm update: I feel like I've been eating all day but really I am only eating when I feel hungry. I have also been super thirsty and drinking a ton of water.

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