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I haven't gotten there yet, but I do know it is harder to lose weight when you are closer to your goal. You can't expect the same 1-2 lb. a week loss, but about 1/4 - 1/2 a lb. a week. Your body does not require as many calories to function as it did when you started. Also, sometimes your body gets really comfortable at a certain weight and doesn't really want to go below that, making it harder.

As for changes, do you strength train? If not, adding that in will help to speed up your metabolism over time. Try not to stress too much about it though. With patience, you will get there. It will just take longer than before.

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In 2012 I set a goal to lose 67 pounds. By October 2012, I had dropped 50 pounds and was elated. Consequently, I plateaued for 9 months because I was so pleased with my appearance and enjoying a 27 BMI and my new size 12 wardrobe. Then I got a new job and was focused on the job change. Now, I'm ready to lose the last 15-17 pounds and get my BMI under 25, but it's a struggle. The habits that helped me lose the first 50 pounds are not helping me with the last 15 pounds.

My question is, if you have made it to goal, how did you manage to peel off the final few pounds. They seem to be the hardest ones. What adjustments did you make to your diet and exercise? Please share your words of wisdom.

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