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4/24/14 3:06 P

I need a video that shows "the hundred" pilates move. The Skinny Jeans has a video, but it doesn't show the correct move. Did the video change? The double leg lift is in the proper place.

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10/19/13 3:48 P

Thank you and anything is helpful. I felt it in my abs for sure....but 5 or 6 hours later I started feeling it in my lats. I haven't done anything else different so it has to be it. I am going to try it just a couple of times in a few days and focus on your suggestions to try to pinpoint what I am doing wrong because clearly I did something wrong. I actually went on youtube before I did it to watch a few demos because the description wasn't clear enough for me. Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it!

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10/19/13 3:31 P

I am not on this challenge, but if it's the same one as in pilates, it is a VERY difficult move! But you say your LATS hurt? That seems odd. It would be my abs, or my lower back from not having particularly strong abs, that would bother me.
Perhaps you held too much tension in your upper shoulders as you did it? Or just pumped too hard for your current upper body training level?
Also, try keeping your shoulders down and away from your ears as much as possible as our tendency is to let them creep up, creating strain.
My last thought is that maybe you just went down too far and your body was trying to cope with weakness and you simply strained something. If it's really too hard, make a smaller "v"!
Sorry if this is irrelevant or not helpful! Hope it feels better soon!

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10/19/13 2:39 P

I was really careful about keeping form during this exercise but now, a few hours later, the lateral muscles in my back really hurt. It was my first time doing this move...Has anyone else had a problem with this exercise???

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