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The food you thought you'd miss...but don't

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SparkPoints: (347,792)
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Posts: 177,288
12/4/12 9:55 A


Posts: 909
12/4/12 9:50 A

quesidillas and onion rings

SparkPoints: (80,700)
Fitness Minutes: (33,853)
Posts: 2,990
12/4/12 9:40 A

biscuits and cake

Posts: 54
12/4/12 9:33 A

Hot cheetos-now that I know what's in them and I remember how bad they made me feel afterwards I haven't eaten one in almost a year.
Ice cream. Maybe I will miss it come summer but I am lactose intolerant and the after effects of ice cream just wasn't worth it.
Milkshakes: same as above
white chocolate kit kats: chocolate started to hurt my tummy as well
candy: I eat it sometimes but it's lost its punch...

I do still love cake but I am trying to stick to cupcakes and only once in a while...

SparkPoints: (29,702)
Fitness Minutes: (21,193)
Posts: 285
12/4/12 9:28 A

Those nasty little packages of "cookies" or "donuts." Now, if I indulge, I make something good!

Posts: 2,937
12/4/12 9:10 A

donuts - crave them sometimes, but find them totally unsatisfying & I am aware of it now. emoticon

SparkPoints: (32,411)
Fitness Minutes: (15,556)
Posts: 2,043
12/4/12 9:04 A


Posts: 13,131
12/4/12 8:53 A

Chips and fries.

Posts: 5,070
12/4/12 8:52 A

Potatoes, rice, pasta, soda, cakes, most cookies(still like my oreos just don't like how i feel after consuming some)

SparkPoints: (46,803)
Fitness Minutes: (12,862)
Posts: 807
12/4/12 8:51 A


SparkPoints: (114,418)
Fitness Minutes: (85,304)
Posts: 6,286
12/4/12 8:43 A

soda pop

Posts: 3,982
12/4/12 8:36 A

butter on my rolls

Posts: 9,830
12/4/12 8:29 A

Soda, Iced Tea

Posts: 1,526
12/4/12 7:43 A

sugar! anything sweet!

SparkPoints: (30,001)
Fitness Minutes: (81,767)
Posts: 73
12/4/12 7:29 A


SparkPoints: (100,002)
Fitness Minutes: (104,400)
Posts: 29,339
12/4/12 7:13 A

diet coke

SparkPoints: (191,750)
Fitness Minutes: (73,327)
Posts: 7,739
12/4/12 6:47 A

high calorie creamy beverages

SparkPoints: (57,588)
Fitness Minutes: (67,779)
Posts: 512
12/4/12 5:51 A

All kinds of fast foods. I am finally "over" it

Posts: 3,084
12/4/12 5:40 A

carbs and sweets

SparkPoints: (19,550)
Fitness Minutes: (8,859)
Posts: 198
12/4/12 5:15 A

Fast food burgers

Posts: 2,102
12/4/12 4:10 A

chips & dessert

Posts: 4,212
12/3/12 10:53 A

Packaged cookies like Oreos & Chips-Ahoy!

SparkPoints: (10,057)
Fitness Minutes: (7,602)
Posts: 335
12/2/12 8:02 P

french fries

Posts: 879
12/2/12 12:33 P

baked goods, fried foods - esp. french fries

Posts: 201
12/2/12 12:24 P

ice cream emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (9,010)
Posts: 169
12/2/12 12:08 P


SparkPoints: (3,115)
Fitness Minutes: (892)
Posts: 109
12/2/12 11:15 A

Fast food. I don't seem to miss it. I hope it stays that way.

Posts: 14,616
12/2/12 9:08 A

ice cream

SparkPoints: (81,195)
Fitness Minutes: (82,933)
Posts: 383
12/2/12 1:20 A

Most fast food, especially fast food burgers. They're just gross now. I still like burgers, but I get them from a good, sit-down place. I will still eat at places like Gandolfo's, Jimmy John's, and Pita Pit, but the burgers and fried things no longer appeal. (The lone exceptions are Taco Bell, and pizza. Those are my vices.)

Mac & Cheese used to be a quick and easy go-to food, but that's gone. I still sometimes miss it, but not that bad. I will make *real* mac & cheese when I really want some, rather than the boxed stuff. It's more labor intensive, but since it's now more of an uncommon treat and no longer a staple, that's okay.

SparkPoints: (21,988)
Fitness Minutes: (20,943)
Posts: 2,801
12/2/12 12:15 A

Fast food. I used to eat it once a week, at least. Now I eat it once every few months. Everything else I eat occasionally so I don't miss it. Never thought I would crave salads though!

SparkPoints: (30,403)
Fitness Minutes: (62,664)
Posts: 500
12/1/12 11:27 P

I agree with the fried food, though this was starting before the rest of my diet changed. I'd eat a serving of french fries and leave with this unpleasant coating in my mouth, and would feel ill later. Now, I enjoy stealing one or two fries from someone else's plate but the thought of eating a whole serving is not appealing.

Now I'm finding the same thing with many commercial baked goods. I've gone out for coffee a few times lately and thought I'd treat myself. Nothing appealed immediately so I settled on something...something that ended up being disappointing. Generally I've thought I'd rather have spent those calories on an apple and a slice of bread with PB&J and a piece of good quality chocolate.

Posts: 1,645
12/1/12 2:10 P

Chocolate. I love chocolate. However, I am now down to eating chocolate once a week. I do not feel deprived. That is very interesting. Perhaps it is because I am packing flavor into everything else.

SparkPoints: (7,052)
Fitness Minutes: (1,762)
Posts: 193
12/1/12 1:37 P

i still miss it.. but it comes down to if it's worth the guilt i'll feel afterwards in the end. i keep cookies in the kitchen for my daughters.. and every time i open the bag i smell them and it's almost overwhelming. but i think i like the smell more than the taste.. cuz it's been a month and i've yet to eat one.. lol.
i eat everything in moderation.. i confess we do eat out a few times a week.. but i make it a point to stay within my calorie range and fat, protein, etc are all taken into account.
i do find when i eat things i'm not so free with these days.. the grease and salt are almost overwhelming. like my Tyson Buffalo Chicken strips i once lived and died for.

Posts: 16,826
12/1/12 11:14 A

Potatoes. I loved hash browns or mashed potatoes. Not a huge fan of pasta, or bread, so those were easy things to cut, but I used to get 3 large mashed potatoes w/gravy from KFC.

I haven't even thought of them in a year or so. It took me a few minutes to even think of them. Maybe I loved the

Posts: 6,102
12/1/12 12:19 A

onion rings. I do have them maybe 3 times a year. and I share them with Dennis. I thought I would miss tv dinners like weight watchers or any diet dinner but I don't. I eat a clean diet.

SparkPoints: (1,517)
Fitness Minutes: (450)
Posts: 24
11/30/12 6:51 P


I became a dietary vegan a couple months back and have avoided vegan candies & baked goods as much as possible. The only major sweet things I have eaten was a box of candies, carrot cake, and apple pie. These used to be some of my favourite foods and now I just don't even crave any of them. Even vegan cheesecake sounds unappealing...

One thing I will miss is bread. I'm hoping my bread cravings are stopped just as easily as my candy cravings!!

Posts: 679
11/30/12 6:33 P


I am gluten free now and thought that it would be impossible, but without wheat food stuffs, I'm eating more fruits and veggies and starches and fats and good proteins... I really don't miss it, or the stupid addictive cravings. I still do a ton of baking, but I use gluten free flours, and my favorite combo is 2 parts brown rice flour to 1 part tapioca flour/starch... to replace all-purpose flour in just about ANYTHING.

I have gotten so much more skilled and cooking and baking once I couldn't have wheat, I am so grateful... and to think I thought I'd go crazy. Nope, NEVER BEEN BETTER.

SparkPoints: (73,318)
Fitness Minutes: (34,635)
Posts: 5,088
11/30/12 1:57 P

Kraft mac & cheese. I lived off of this stuff when I was a kid. No wonder I was a chubster! My sister was making some maybe a year ago or so, and I had a taste and I was like "okay, this is disgusting." Ew, and Micky D's Fish Filet Sandwich, and their french fries. Yuck.

Posts: 75
11/30/12 12:19 P

there isn't a single food that i have "given up" there's nothing to miss!
i just eat less of the unhealthy stuff and do so less often.

i did notice that 95% of my "cravings" for fast food/take out were all triggered by me being too hungry...once i started spreading my calories more evenly over my day i found that most of the "cravings" turned out to be passing thoughts.

however the 5% remaining...if i am struck by a persistent need for chicken wings and beer (or whatever) i just work it in! (and then work it off!)

Posts: 2,667
11/30/12 11:44 A

I'm not sure, exactly.

I will choose what I wish to eat - even if it's only a couple times a year.

Possibly bread and cake - it was our anniversary lately, and the restaurant server brought us a couple pieces of cake to celebrate. We ate a bit to be "nice" and it just wasn't something I thought I'd want to finish, anyway. So, I guess my body doesn't care as much for sweets and empty carbs as much as it used to do so.

SparkPoints: (4,408)
Fitness Minutes: (1,052)
Posts: 466
11/30/12 11:35 A

Fast food. I used to eat at McDonald's and Taco Bell fairly regularly. The thought of having a McDonald's hamburger makes me a little sick now.

Posts: 1,228
11/30/12 10:45 A

Nothing. There are foods that I have very rarely (BK once a year, fried dough in the summer) but I still enjoy them. Not sure why I'm not sensitive like others, but I can enjoy any food that I love, even though it's not in my everyday cycle.

Posts: 5,070
11/30/12 8:35 A

potatoes. rice, dairy, pasta. Most chips.

just don't really have the taste for that anymore.

Posts: 14,616
11/30/12 8:27 A

red meat

SparkPoints: (44,034)
Fitness Minutes: (48,894)
Posts: 1,551
11/30/12 8:22 A

I agree with the fast food burgers! I do still crave chicken nuggets, but on the rare occasions I do give in, I don't enjoy them like I used to. Maybe it's because McDonalds stopped carrying honey as a dipping sauce....mmmm. Haha.

Posts: 4,848
11/30/12 7:49 A

-anything and everything fried. I still like the taste but the horrid nausea/cold sweat/feeling like I'm about to pass out and throw up that follows -- so not worth it, so I don't crave it at all.

-Nutella. I used to crave this stuff and go way overboard with it. Now even the smell turns me off.

-bread unless I bake it myself. Storebought and bakery bread is so bland and the texture is awful. I still crave and love my home made French bread but it takes so long to make that I only make it every few months.

-most restaurant food. Both because of the stress involved (how do I track this? I live in a country with very very few chain restaurants, almost all restaurants are "mom and pop" style, and no nutrition posting anywhere!) and because they put so much salt and oil in everything that it doesn't taste good anymore.

SparkPoints: (73,576)
Fitness Minutes: (59,530)
Posts: 2,488
11/30/12 6:54 A

I was never a big fast food eater but every now and then I'd crave a Mc Donalds cheeseburger and fries, maybe 3-4 times a year. I had 1 bite of my husband's quarter pounder around Hallowe'en because we were out running errands, were much longer than we expected and I didn't bring a snack for me or my kids. So we figured we'd just grab something for them from MD (a rare treat). I was starving, so I figured I'd have a bite and a couple of my kids' fries to tied me over until we got home. Uhyuck, it was gross... so salty I felt like I had stuck my tongue straight into a salt shaker. I can't believe I used to actually enjoy eating it. That sure put me off from Mc Donalds for forever.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 11/30/2012 (06:56)

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
11/29/12 10:49 P

Unfortunately I still miss it all LOL But there are some things I can't really eat now. I used to go to Five Guys all the time and get a double cheeseburger and fries, and eat it all. I went to one this past spring and I felt really sick without even finishing the burger and eating maybe 1/4 of the fries. So I know now that my body just can't handle stuff like that anymore.

Pizza is still delicious though :)

SparkPoints: (51,442)
Fitness Minutes: (44,929)
Posts: 3,048
11/29/12 10:43 P

fried stuff like cheese sticks, poppers, and french fries

donuts, cake, candy -- sweet junk basically

Pancakes and sausage gravy w/ biscuits

McDonald's cheese burgers

Taco Bell

Pizza is one food I can not live without. I have learned how to incorporate it into my eating plan by using the flavors with a healthy twist.

SparkPoints: (10,496)
Fitness Minutes: (16,232)
Posts: 385
11/29/12 9:23 P

A few months ago, my wife and I ordered a small pizza to celebrate some weight milestones. We didn't even finish it. It tasted rather bland, overly salty, and so greasy I'm still smacking my lips. It was the same pizza we always loved. Having that pizza was all we thought about for months...then meh.

Other foods I thought I'd die without but don't miss anymore:
- big plates of spaghetti
- garlic bread
- french fries
- pancakes
- reese's peanut butter cups
- prosciutto

What are your foods that you thought you'd miss, but just don't?

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