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The "fat" seat

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6/14/13 7:18 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best in your quest to a healthier you.

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6/13/13 3:45 P

I love your sense of humor! Good luck to you and your husband! emoticon

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6/13/13 3:41 P

Hi there. I have been a registered person on for quite a while, but have only just started using the site. I am so impressed with everything Iím seeing and want to say GREAT JOB, KEEP IT UP to all of you. I have just started this journey and am lucky enough to be doing it alongside a wonderful husband. I started at 320 pounds and currently weigh 315. Iím moving in the right direction and I donít expect it to be fast or easy, but I do expect to achieve my goals. And I know my hubby will, too.

The title of this note comes from where I am today in my life. Iím just hours from boarding a plane to fly east to see lots and lots of family and have a fantastic time catching up with everyone. The last time I flew was six years ago, just four months after the birth of my youngest son. I had just lost an incredible 68 pounds after his birth and was feeling so skinny (68 pounds lighter plus the birth of a baby will make anyone feel skinny, regardless of size). The plane seat was a bit snug for me then, and here I am, a chunkier monkey. I am not overly optimistic that I will fit the 17Ē between armrests, and therefore, I will have to ask for a ďfatĒ seat. Iím lucky that Southwest Airlines will provide a complimentary seat to ďCustomers of SizeĒ in the event I canít fit, but let me tell you, Iím dreading it. Do I ask right off the bat or do I try and squeeze it all in? I donít have that answer yet, but I suppose I will soon. I had a good laugh yesterday with a friend at work about the ďfatĒ seat. We joked that itís like when a guy goes to a store to buy pads for his wife and he canít figure out which ones (out of the many, many choices) she wants. The clerk announces on the overhead, ďMan in aisle six needs help with womenís hygiene!Ē Will the flight attendant announce for all to hear, ďCustomer in Row 12 needs a fat seat!Ē Youíve got to laugh at yourself every once in awhile because if you donít, you may just cry. I choose laughter because this, too, is temporary. Iím on my way to a healthier me and fat seat or not, Iíll get there! And you will, too. And Iím going to look to you for guidance along the way, so thank you in advance for being my inspiration! Best of luckÖ -Lindsey

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