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7/23/13 3:00 P

This is old news. The important question to be asking is what is the GOAL of the activity.

Improvements in cardiovascular health can be accomplished by small bursts of activity. So 3 10-minute workouts will give you the same heart-strengthening benefits as one 30-minute session. However, three 10-minute segments won't do anything for your cardio-respiratory endurance or endurance training in general.

Tabata and HIIT raining is based on the idea that short bursts of extremely vigorous activity will give the same heart-strengthening benefits as a longer session of moderate activity. The scientific studies seem to bear this out. Again, it does nothing for endurance, and I don't think it's useful for increasing VO2 max, but I haven't investigate it fully, so I could be wrong.

"Fitness" is too general a term to use to describe anything. What a lot of articles address is general cardiovascular health, but don't address weight-loss, endurance, or strength gains.

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The results of this study don't really surprise me based on other research I've read. The only thought that comes to my head is that the 150 minutes of activity a week recommendation is just a motivator to get people to move - much in the same way the Red Cross has dropped the rescue breathing from CPR protocol. They want to lower the barrier of entry to helping someone.

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7/23/13 2:47 P

I kind of had to laugh when I got to the end and they recommended a 30 minute high intensity workout - which is the duration people haven't been willing to do before (according to the article). But I suppose that increasing the intensity is great for those doing the workout. I just don't think that it'll increase general population buy-in for exercise.

7/23/13 12:31 P

This was published in my local newspaper today and adds to the debate over the duration of workouts. An interesting read if nothing else.

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