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10/2/11 3:26 P

What killed me about that episode was the challenge where they had to resist eating a plate of donuts put in front of them! Now that's just cruel....LOL

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10/2/11 11:57 A

Hmm.. the most recent show that I saw, Jillian was not on there. It was the second week. Bob Harper is still there. (gay or not gay? hard to tell!) There is a russian girl and another man on the show now as trainers. The host was the same, can't remember her name, the famous soap star.
The show does have some value but these are all best case stories where the people are healthy enough to do the kind of exercises that do, with the best health care staff, etc etc.. Not really the real world.
this past week they did a show where they were only allowed to do two hours a day of exercise, (more real world than what has gone on in the past) There was still a significant weight loss for most. Still 2 hours is a huge commitment to make every day..

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10/2/11 1:38 A

I can't relate to people who lose 30# in a week, so I stopped watching the show a couple of years ago. Plus, Jillian has never had children, so she can keep those flat abs a lot easier. I would rather watch Denise Austin's clips on YouTube, since she's the mother of 2 children. She's 54 and is still 5'4" and 112#.
I can say that they still work on the diet EVERY DAY which does make for success week after week. Most people start a diet and maybe do it for a week, and then they "cheat" on Saturday because there is a pizza party and they just can't go and tell everyone that they are on another diet, etc. etc. TBL stay at it so they see results, and that is the key.

We have 91 days until the end of the year. If we just stayed with it for 91 days straight, we'd ALL be way down on the scale by 2012. BUT, most people will GAIN 8 to 15# between now and then and START a diet on January 1st.

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10/1/11 10:11 P

It is inspiring to see the numbers some of these people put on the scale. The first week numbers are really incredible. I would be great to have the resources that they have in our own personal weight loss routines!


10/1/11 4:33 P

I recently started watching this show and I can't believe how motivating it is! Does anyone use this show as a way to add ideas to their own workouts? I'd love to hear how you use this to motivate you!

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