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9/3/13 9:02 A

Yes, we have a lot of variety readily available and at our finger tips daily. Moderation is key but it is difficult for many people. Portion sizes and lack of exercise don't help either.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,361
9/3/13 8:53 A

The US may have a greater assortment, but the nutritional value and the number of different real foods in the processed food product is far less than a lot of the meals in other countries. When I see the meals from other cultures, filled with all types of veggie based side dishes and bean stews...I am amazed. It looks so much healthier than our offerings. And less expensive also. I've been trying to modify the way I cook that way...and the results have been wonderful.

The food industry has sold us on processed food and taken away a lot of the nutrition.
I try to stick to whole foods as much as possible.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,570
9/3/13 8:24 A

Ummm, I live in the US and those burgers, fries, and other unhealthy faire as seen on that show are not supposed to be eaten on a daily basis. Yes, they a delicious for a treat. However, we do struggle with obesity and inactivity as a nation. So, we need to start learning to eat better. And this is coming from someone who lives in a healthier area which wins bragging rights regularly for its plethora of ways to eat and live healthy.

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9/3/13 4:56 A

The problem with US is many fold, food and health-wise. Food: yes, we have an incredible variety! It's amazing. When I came here from the former USSR, my family would go to the supermarket just to gawk at all the full shelves (the shelves in the USSR supermarkets were mostly empty at the time). However, we have places called "food deserts" - inner city poor neighborhoods where it is hard to find a truly nutritious option, like vegetables and fruit. There are generations of people conditioned to live on fast food and junk food, and those who consider pizza a well-balanced meal, and sugary cereal the healthiest breakfast in the morning. The food manufacturers that produce all the greasy, sugary and unhealthy deliciousness are so good at what they do that we are addicted to those foods, sometimes literally. It is worse then drugs: it's everywhere you go, it's in your face, all your friends are pushing it, there is no escape.
Fitness: Because the US is a big country, it is very spread out. Some of the newest neighborhoods don't have sidewalks, so going for a walk or a bike ride may be more complicated then just getting out the door. The proliferation of video games and other electronic entertainment induces us to spend time indoors, often sitting or reclining, instead of any active forms of socializing. If your job is largely sedentary, if you cannot get a workout outside or in your house, you may want to join a gym or fitness center, however, those are expensive, time consuming and intimidating. Also, we as a culture are conditioned to expect instant gratification. Commercials for various 'miracle weight loss cures' reinforce that. So when people do attempt to get healthy and get in shape, they are discouraged when they do not see instant results.
I love my country. I consider it the best country in the world. However, we have cultural issues that are causing us significant problems, like obesity, crime, dependency, etc. We need to change our culture, from the inside. We need to vote with our wallets and forks, to encourage healthy food choices in the restaurants, supermarkets and at homes, to spread the Spark, to get people motivated to better themselves through exercise. It is up to each and every one of us to spread the Spark to our friends and relatives, to teach our kids how to be healthy, to encourage positive change around us.
You say you live in Malaysia - wow, how cool is that. Enjoy and appreciate the fresh fruit and veggies, the colorful bazaars and the rich local traditions. Maybe one day you can come visit the US and enjoy the burgers and junk food. Thank you for a thought-provoking post.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
9/3/13 4:33 A

Many people say that Malaysia is a food paradise but I feel that the US is an even greater food paradise, especially after viewing an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!!!!

I mean the burgers and sandwiches featured! If I could, I'll fly to the US RIGHT NOW and devour all the foods featured on the spot!!!! They look (and sound) soooo delicious!!!! No wonder you have an obesity problem!!! I'd be obese too if I lived in the US!!!

And don't even get me started on the fast food and the chips! Aisles and aisles of different jumbo bags of chips, all assorted flavor, different kinds of chips, corn chips, potato chips, etc. And then the fast food!!! : Taco Bell, Hungry Jacks, I dunno what else? I know you have so many fast food joints.

Man! If I lived in the US with all those fattening, delicious foods, I could easily weigh more than 200lbs!!!!! I empathize with all of you out there trying to lose weight!!! That could easily have been me if I live in such a food paradise!!!!

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