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10/6/14 12:11 P

I had registered for the Trim Down Club. It had a lot to offer that I was hoping would help me improve my health via weight loss.
Turned out I have more serious problems and one thing I have to do now is an elimination diet. I tried to use their customizable plan to fit the very restriting list of ingredients I have to work with for the next while and the menu that got generated was not feasable for my foodie palate. I sent an email today asking to be refunded. I will let you know how that goes. It could be a good lead to ID how legit their organization really is.

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9/17/14 3:37 A

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary since I started the Trim Down club in that time like my sister says below I've lost 90lbs. I joined spark people purely to find out the amount of calories I was eating for my sister because she felt it was on the low side. I just put in what I ate on the TDC menu and it totted up to between 1700 to 1950 per day. Only did it for 2 weeks because it was more work than I wanted to do and I'm not interested in calorie counting. After putting in the 10lbs I've lost since I last logged in here my target calories here have dropped to between 1200 to 1550 per day. I'm still on the same as I was at TDC and still losing weight. One of the things I couldn't get here was a menu that wouldn't make me ill because I have a lot of food allergies. Personally I think the small price I paid for a lifetime membership and access to the online tools and personalized help from the site dietician when I needed it was worth a lot more.

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9/16/14 5:00 A


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9/15/14 4:27 P

I was able to find their guide online, the information is similar to what you can find on most diet/nutrition sites.

HMBROWN1 Posts: 16,229
9/15/14 2:31 P

I watched the video and seemed like info commonly available but if it helps some, great for them! I am happy they found success.

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9/15/14 7:21 A

ROSAMARCELLE, sounds good. Congratulations to your sister, and to you for starting on the right path. Sometimes it helps to think why you slide to troubleshoot a solution, especially if you can capture the thought or feeling immediately. Sliding is natural and even a little healthy because what's the point of living if you don't enjoy it? If eventually you can minimize the degree or frequency of slides here and there - i.e., just do the best you can and let go of "perfect - little changes can add up. In short: don't worry (or beat yourself up), be happy (and healthy). :)

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9/10/14 7:23 A

My sister first joined and then I did. It isn't a scam and it does work. It is quite time consuming at first to get the menu generator up and running because you have to choose the foods you want to eat from the food categories (proteins, fats, carbs) and for each meal and snack and then once the menus are generated, I have found that sometimes I need to swap foods out and exchange them. However once they are generated it is brilliant. My sister has lost over 90 pounds in her first year and it has been a steady loss of about 2 pounds per week and she has kept it off. I'm not a good advert for either Spark or Trim Down this year, because I have been sliding and that is my fault. No diet will work if I don't follow the menus.

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9/10/14 12:29 A

Hi anyone who is interested the Trim Down Club - Not a scam. The video is too long I agree but they state very clearly what you will get for your money, which as a one off payment for life, I think is great value. They also refund your money after 60 days if you are not happy and no return of the pamphlets required. As to it being beneficial for you, it depends what you are looking for, everyone has different needs, goals and priorities. Personally I like it, even though I already knew the five foods to avoid, I am lazy and useless at choosing alternatives and putting menus together that suit my needs so it's great for me, I need to be told what to eat, when and how much. I can understand people being wary of scams or hidden extra costs as plenty around but if time and patience is taken to listen to the boring video; it's easy to see its legit, so if it offers you what you are after (and from one who uses it - it works for me) and if you don't mind the small fee to join; do it, you won't be disappointed.

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8/7/14 9:14 A

I took a quick look at their site and my conclusion is that I'll stick with SparkPeople. I don't see anything that's worth paying for there when I can get it free here. JMHO, of course.


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8/7/14 8:53 A

They have a 60-day money-back guarantee. No worries.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
8/7/14 8:25 A

we all know the saying... if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
I'd be afraid to send money on this.

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8/7/14 7:49 A

The advantage to joining is that you have access to their menu planning application and personalized help from a dietitian, and the cost is one-time-only, not a monthly membership sort of thing.

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/13/14 2:40 A

I'll have to check that out!

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5/12/14 4:30 P


5/12/14 3:33 P

I came across the Trim Down Club's video today when doing searches on natural supplements. I was interested until they started their spiel on the cost to join and kept on talking about it. It was during that segment that I started searching for reviews of TDC and found this message thread on it. I am definitely not going to waste my money to TDC since I am changing to a primary doctor who seems to understand all this, and I will get the info from his office. But at the same time, I will be checking PInterest's recipes of theirs and I may return here if I have the time to get involved again. In the past, I just didn't have the time to devote to a fitness website, but I am retired now so may get to it. (I still have not lost that quit smoking weight!)

Thank you to the person who posted about the TDC's pdf files! Found and saved! I am still laughing about that too! :)

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5/3/14 6:25 P


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5/3/14 5:18 P

Hi Sunkissed,
I did join TD for $47. I really spend more then that eating out. I have met many helpful people on the site. I like to have many options to learn more about food intake,not just diets. It really has to become a way of life. I do believe that my weight is due to stress. I have gained 10 pounds over the past few months due to steroids I had to take for health issues. It is so hard to lose again since I am not able to exercise. I am 71 with a lot of medical issues. I do enjoy both sights. I hope this answers your question.
Good Luck

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9/6/13 2:40 P

In response to DEAFTV about their question why whole wheat bread is "bad."
From what I understand, a lot of wheat breads contains refined sugar or other ingredients counter-productive to weight loss, due to them causing spikes in insulin levels.

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9/6/13 2:34 P

I was interested in finding out their suggestions for balancing high/low carbs and protein, but glad I didn't waste my money. If you want to check it out for free; when I did a search for "similar to the trim down club includes fast food" I found their Quick Start Guide and The Complete Program, which I'm sure they don't realize is readily available!!! I would include the link, but the site will not allow it.

I'm adding to this post: All you have to do is search for the titles of what is included with their program and it comes up on Google -- too funny.

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8/8/13 2:31 P

I watched this video and was tempted to join but I went to look at some reviews and someone said they bought and could get their money back. The 5 foods you should never eat are processed soy which was mentioned on Dr. Oz awhile back, Margarine, Concentrated Fruit juice, Whole Wheat Bread and Corn. Well these are all things I knew about before. EAT wholegrain bread, You drink fresh squeezes OJ with pulp no sugar added, you should use butter not margarine, eat whole soy beans (Edamame) , Corn is genetically modified, so I am not sure if you if the corn I grow would be included on this list. My point is if you have Sparks, and all this free info from Dr.Oz I think it would be a waste of money.

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DEAFTV Posts: 2
6/13/13 1:01 P

Just watch long video and 5 foods never eat. One surprised me is whole wheat bread. I don't understand why is that.

6/7/13 4:19 P

I watched the long video, as well. From several different places, I'm hearing how important it is not to eat meals that spike your blood sugar. What they are saying about balancing your carbs, fiber and protein to keep your blood sugar level more even is important. I would like to know more about how to do that. If they do have good information on that front, it would be very useful. I, too, am looking for more reviews. It looks a few people who have tried it and responded below, said that the plan did work. I wonder if there are any more people who have.

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4/3/13 8:12 P

A lot of the comments posted here have been from people who HAVEN'T tried the TDC. I'm very interested in hearing from those who have used the program. Does it work? Is it worth the money? Is the information they offer any different than I could Google myself? I watched the LONG video and the info presented was legitimate. I would pay for the service if I felt confident the information given was worth $47. On SP I've found all kinds of excellent recipes, but I HATE counting calories and I haven't found any information about the correct food combos for weight loss and overall nutrition. If this information exists, please provide a link if you've found it. For me the appeal of TDC is that everything I needed to know about nutrition would be in one place instead of sifting through tons of information on the web to piece together my own program through trial and error.

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1/30/13 1:53 P

I just came across Trim Down Club and Beyond Diet. They are very similar and both $47. So is the thought that they are from the same people? And therefore both a scam? I am attracted to both because it incorporates all I've been learning about healthy eating the last few years. I know several of you said you get the same thing here but I JUST started here and so far don't see that so if someone could point me in the right direction that'd be great! Thanks. Will look further into this but still considering purchasing one. Give me a good reason not to if you have any. Thanks!

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
1/27/13 10:16 P

You can find independent reviews @ Reviewopedia under TrimDownClub. Newbie so not sure if I can post links here but I will try: (you can add the ht--//w-- yourself)

CHERYLL1949 SparkPoints: (56,905)
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1/22/13 11:43 A

Never heard of it

VIOLETREB50 SparkPoints: (32)
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1/22/13 11:39 A

I actually came upon the TDC through a site called Real Age. I find they have a number of informercial type products. This may be one of them. I listened to the entire video. I am a health care professional, nurse practioner. I know a lot about balancing your glycemic index. What they said was true, that being said it does not mean the money spent is ligit. It was intrigueing to have someone help you with matching your carbohydrates with proteins to keep from highs and lows. I do believe there is something to the GMO and Highly processed soy products. I eat very well, but always hold onto the last 10 or so pounds. I think I will stick with spark but try a number of the concepts by the video TDC.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (343,784)
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1/8/13 4:29 A

I watched some of the video and it seemed to me to be just another diet of telling you what you can and can't eat. Maybe I should have watch more but I got bored.

HAPPY_TRAVELS SparkPoints: (16,062)
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1/8/13 1:30 A

My husband joined the Trim Down Club as it was offering him what his doctor had ordered him to do with his eating habits. He has dropped 8 lbs in a week I have also lost weight switching to healthy eating choices. It took me forever to grocery shop but I have now got an idea of how to adapt to the new healthy living. I am using their recipes to get a feel for the new way of cooking and adapting other recipes. So so far it is working for him. I didn't want to sign up and pay when he was already signup. Sparkle offers me the motivation community to keep me with staying healthy and extra ways to loose weight.

PIXIECHIC73 SparkPoints: (3)
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1/8/13 1:15 A

Hi, I was reading the posts on Spark People and saw where no one answered you about the link to Trim Down Club. I just watched the long video which was very informative but I was still a little iffy on it. But wanted to share the link with you to hear more thoughts on this.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,452
12/20/12 2:31 P

I looked at the website. It is so vague. I don't like sights that tease you until you pay them.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (343,784)
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12/20/12 10:04 A

No such thing as a free lunch (accept emoticon of course)

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/20/12 7:52 A

Thanks for all the hard work you all have done in researching.
I, too, am hesitant to throw "good" money after such a site.

I think I'll stick with this one, for free.
If I want to have menus, advice from dietitians, and the like, I can get it here
I couldn't even really get that, online, with weight watchers, that I know of - at least I never tried, so I could be wrong.

But, even if I were going to their meetings, the leaders are not always trained nutritionists; but just may be "maintainers" who have gone through the program.

Seriously, if something pops up as an ad, or sounds too good to be true; I've become very skeptical.

RLMARTIN488 SparkPoints: (304)
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12/19/12 3:14 P

The fifth was corn - specifically genetically modified (GM) corn.

JOSH73 Posts: 1
12/12/12 7:27 A

Joined Trim Down Club a month ago. Lost almost 13 pounds. It was hard at first because this is really a lifestyle change more than anything else.
I feel the lack of more foods can be hard. It’s not their fault though, it just hard to find healthy food these days at your local grocer. Overall I think it’s a great program though.

WL041508 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/8/12 1:04 P

Thanks for this. I was seriously considering joining the Trim Down Club, but after reading the reviews, will be sticking with Spark People. Thanks!

SPIDERTALK SparkPoints: (18)
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11/4/12 11:25 P

I was checking out the "trimdownclub" myself and decided to check for reveiws and came across sparkpeople blog. I did watch the video. In response to KJS8507, the 5th item of the 5 Foods to Never Eat is CORN. Corn on the cob, GM corn, any corn. The info trimdown gives seems to make sense even the GM corn, given that I am not a fan of GM anything. Their list isn't new to me just because of how those 5 things affect me and some research into GM's and soy. Thanks to all who researched trimdown. I came close to purchasing, then checked for reviews, which are few as some already stated. So now I'm on Spark. I'm checking it out.

10/31/12 9:50 A

I guess the reason this link comes up on Google when I searched for 'Trim Down reviews' is because they can't get into this site and scrub it (yet). I was so happy to learn that it wasn't legit before I lost my money and they had my cc number, to boot!

KROOZER SparkPoints: (0)
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10/31/12 8:52 A

Thank you all so much. I watched the video and was really leaning towards joining. I decided to search for some reviews and came across this board. They are not getting my money/credit card. I'll stick it out here as I deterred from this program. I decided I will revitalize my account here instead. Thank you again for all your comments and searches.

10/23/12 9:06 A

This is the only review I can find online. I've decided they don't get any of my money:

Every product I have ever purchased on line "had" to have a third party review or blog forum. It's amazing how a great product as well as a scam product nearly always has independent blogs or reviews. Places such as Yelp or even AOL. This site has tons of it's own Google search references, but it is "all" back to itself. Not one independent review or blog. Either they are too new (doubtful with a 2 year existence per Stuffgate) or they "scrub" any derogatory remarks. I don't know. One site, that appeared to be independant, had six reviews listed, but when you went to the site, there were no reviews. For me personally, highly suspecious. Good products "always" welcome reviews. If someone know where there are independant reviews of this product I'd sure like to know.. It will be interesting to see if this comment gets "scrubbed" and by whom. I'll have to track it to see and report to you later. Have a great day Thanks.

10/23/12 8:52 A

I'm interested in it. mainly because I wanted to know what foods to combine in a given meal in order to spike the metabolism, and level out the blood sugar. Does anyone have a source for that info? Now that I see it's not USA, I'm hesitant to send the money.

CARENNEAL SparkPoints: (338)
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10/18/12 2:30 P

Did you try to call the phone number? The 800 number I found was 800-123-4567, I mean, really 1234567?? When I tried to call it from my Cellphone, it didn't go through. Sounds way to fishy.

TLMOORE2U2 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/15/12 9:22 P

I just reviewed this site. I checked to see if it was on the BBB and could not find anything, so I looked a alittle more at the Terms & Conditions and found that the given phone number was a 800 USA eastern number but the mailing address, company was a B2C Media Solutions Ltd, POB 105, Kibutz, Alonim, 36577, ISRAEL. So, knowing if is International I believe this is a SCAM. There was several more program, weight loss just like this under different names for $47.

KJS8507 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 7:29 P

I just watched the video and found this site when I searched for trim down club reviews. I too am skeptical as there isn't much on the web when it comes to reviews, so I decided to join this site instead for free! For those who wanted the link to the video, this is the one I watched -

The 5 foods were fruit juice, margarine, whole wheat bread, processed soy and I think the last one was sugar? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I pretty much knew all this already so it was pretty much a waste of time for me lol

AMY604A Posts: 1
10/3/12 2:49 P

I checked out the video, too and then decided to search for some reviews of The Trim Down Club. I haven't found any yet, but I would like to see what other responses you get from this post.

LUNA_IS_MY_HERO Posts: 7,174
9/23/12 3:07 P

Thank you.

PIKA1319 Posts: 130
9/23/12 11:05 A

Looks like a gimmick to me. Here is their website: It looks to me like the offer basically the same stuff that you can get here at Spark for free. I didn't anything worth $47 being offered.

LUNA_IS_MY_HERO Posts: 7,174
9/23/12 2:23 A

Do you have a link to the video?

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9/23/12 1:31 A


RICERD SparkPoints: (0)
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9/21/12 2:08 P

I was introduced to The Trim Down Club (TTDC) from the "5 foods to avoid' article in today's newsletter. After watching the video, TTDC seems to be a fabulous way to start for beginners (such as myself), in addition to exercise, to become healthier and thin. Especially since TTDC proposes to provide step-by-step beginners guides. However, it isn't free and most importantly we certainly don't have the time to spend on it if this is just another gimmick for people to make money. I implore folks to check out their video and respond. Has anyone else had experience with this alternative? What do you think of it?

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