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BUFFLIECE Posts: 521
7/13/13 10:41 A

Although I prefer to workout to videos (The Firm)...we have a total gym.. When using it both my hubby and I need big blocks of time...not because it takes time to change positions but because it feels so great using it we don't want to stop LOL. The total gym is the only place I've ever gotten that pump feeling in my muscles...oh how I miss it. I don't believe I'll ever outgrow it. The variety of exercises is great too! We have an older model, I'm sure the newer ones have even more to offer.

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,311
7/12/13 11:50 P

I've had a Total Gym for years and use it almost every day. It's easier on the body. You don't lay on a hard floor. Exercises like squats that usually require standing are easier when lying down. The booklet and videos are great. It's important to exercise with arthritis. Any exercise makes us a little sore. If soreness lasts more than a day, cut the number of reps and add them back slowly as your body adjusts. I also do other exercises to keep from getting bored.

ASANCHEZ56 SparkPoints: (327)
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7/12/13 9:26 P

I'm new here, and Dr wants me to do low level excercize like walking, yoga, etc. Hub started me today on low level stretching, and yoga/pilates excercizes on the total gym, and also triceps. I was sore all over, but he said that's normal. I'm always sore all over from arthritis and Sjogrens, also a breast cancer survivor. I walk when its not boiling hot (live in FL) and went to the beach to walk on the sand, and we walked like 2 miles there.

So if any of you have had a positive experience with the Total Gym either alone or in conjunction with other excercize, I'd like to hear about it..

Here's to health and feeling well!

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