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The Squat Challenge

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Posts: 5,070
6/14/13 4:31 P

I finished 300 squats in a day on May 19th. I did it because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I also did my full workouts as well. I did not see it as a "waste of time". Any time someone is motivated to move is NOT a "waste of time".

Posts: 56,152
6/13/13 6:40 P

Keep going.

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Posts: 12
6/13/13 5:42 P

i just finished day 5 of the squat challenge... emoticon

Posts: 6,412
5/17/13 8:18 P

One thing for sure when you complete the challenge you will have completed a plethora of squats and will be able to do multiple squats in a row. Not sure what practical application that has as far as health and general fitness is concerned it is however an accomplishment.

SparkPoints: (74,206)
Fitness Minutes: (61,675)
Posts: 2,489
5/17/13 6:03 P

Like Coral said, huge waste of time. You build muscle/strength by pushing the muscle to exhaustation. Now of course you can do this by doing 100s of repeatitions leaving no time whatsoever to work other muscle groups. Or you can use a heavy weight and reach muscle exhaustation in 8-12 reps/3 sets. You would achieve the same results and be able to perform 4-5 alternative exercises for other muscles with the time you save.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 5/17/2013 (18:04)

Posts: 6,412
5/17/13 2:13 P

Being a full body exercise I am sure some endurance and cardio benefits would result if the squat sets had enough repetitions, beyond that it is just a numbers game. If it gets them to workout every day there is that benefit also. I see one problem, I doubt that the ones doing this challenge are doing proper full squats, most likely only parallel squats. Best way I know to overstress the knee joint.

SparkPoints: (98,630)
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Posts: 13,055
5/17/13 1:33 P

+1 to what Coral said.

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Fitness Minutes: (34,683)
Posts: 2,226
5/17/13 12:30 P

Not sure what the point would be. If you want stronger leg muscles, the goal would be to add more weight, not do hundreds of squats. Seems like a big waste of time.

Edited by: -CORAL- at: 5/17/2013 (12:31)

Posts: 5,070
5/17/13 9:40 A

I started out with 30 and add 10 a day with no rest days. I am up to 280. So far I got 100 in. 180 more to go.
My chiro has us doing it. I found that I like doing them on the vi-plate.

SparkPoints: (889)
Fitness Minutes: (865)
Posts: 89
5/16/13 1:35 P

This is the 30 day squat challenge:

Day 1 - 50 squats
Day 2 - 55 squats
Day 3- 60 squats
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - 70 squats
Day 6 - 75 squats
Day 7 - 80 squats
Day 8 - Rest
Day 9- 100 squats
Day 10 - 105 squats
Day 11 - 110 squats
Day 12 - Rest
Day 13 - 130 squats
Day 14 - 135 squats
Day 15 - 140 squats
Day 16 - Rest
Day 17 - 150 squats
Day 18 - 155 squats
Day 19 - 160 squats
Day 20 - Rest
Day 21 - 180 squats
Day 22 - 185 squats
Day 23 - 190 squats
Day 24 - Rest
Day 25 - 220 squats
Day 26 - 225 squats
Day 27 - 230 squats
Day 28 - Rest
Day 29 - 240 squats
Day 30 - 250 squats

I'm so up for doing it, seems a lot but if you do them in sets throughout the day you can easily get it done! Like starting with 20 in the morning, 10 around lunch and 20 before bed and then build it up as the days go on. I've google imaged pre and post squat bottoms and I want a post squat bottom! They do work.

SparkPoints: (6,982)
Fitness Minutes: (30,629)
Posts: 8
5/16/13 1:32 P

Sounds interesting...what does it involve?

SparkPoints: (889)
Fitness Minutes: (865)
Posts: 89
5/16/13 1:04 P

Just wondering if anyones done the 30 day squat challenge. I'm going to try it after seeing some excellent results on other sites. Will be tough but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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