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3/6/14 9:04 A

Who knows Eelpie. Most of the pills we consume are from plants, so why can't we consume them in our diet, and not in pill form.

Maybe the only problem so far, is that we just haven't figured out how. Doctors find that patients will take their pills, but most won't change their diet, so it is just easier to give pills. My doctor personally knew I was having low blood sugars the entire first year I was on low carb, starting on Day 2, but suspected I would quit, so refused to take me off diabetes meds till I started getting numbers in the 50's when I showed up at his office, and my A1C was below 5.5.

There are many diseases caused by diet, and those disease can most likely be fixed by diet. A Type 1 diabetic has diabetes for a different reason altogether, and would see less benefit, as would people who are sick from viruses, health defects etc. I have a leaky heart valve. Diet won't change that. I need to have it changed. So while my diet can "fix" my cholesterol, and diabetes problems, it can't make my heart valve stop leaking, so we can't fix all of our health problems. The idea that we can fix many though, should be a goal we strive for, doing whatever diet works. Pills should be a last resort. I think we agree on that.

One of the things I hear about not being " cured " is that if you quit your diet, you will have high blood sugars again. Well, of course. People are finding out that if they also eat that same diet, they have high blood sugars. It isn't like T2 diabetics had problems using glucose, and were too stupid to cut carbs. They developed diabetes by eating too many carbs, and now need to limit them to some extent. So in that way, my danger from carbs isn't any greater than your average 20 year old healthy person. Neither one of us can handle the S.A.D. The only difference is that I know it, and they don't. Saying that if I eat a terrible diet, my diabetes will rear it's ugly head, is kind of like saying that if I leave the road, I will crash my car. This is true of all people who leave the road, not just people who have crashed before.

What they are really saying is that if people eat the S.A.D., most likely they will develop diabetes. So not only should I stay on a low carb or vegan diet to control my blood sugars ( whatever works ), everyone else should be eating like this. If America keeps eating the food we have been eating these past few decades, everyone will be at risk. It is just a matter of time. They are all patients-in-waiting.

Telling me that if I eat a high carb diet, I will start to suffer from high blood sugars, is more like telling someone who has had skin cancer and hasn't had a problem for 5 years, that if they suntanning for 5 hours a day in a tropical climate that they could get sick again.

No one cares if they are cured, or if it is " managed ". If it can be fixed with diet, we should do so, and the next step is to note that certain diets cause certain reactions in our body, and ask ourselves, should we not try getting people to eat more like what fixes the problems, before we get the problem?

Even the diabetic diet, which I think is not very good at controlling blood sugars, is somewhat effective for most, and very effective for some. So why don't we have everyone eat this way? Why wait till they are diabetic? If eating 150-200 grams of carbs a day improves blood sugars, and so many Americans are becoming diabetic after a decade or 2 of eating 300 grams a day, why do we say it is okay to eat 300 grams a day. Obviously, our bodies can't handle that amount. Switching to 150-200 grams as a national goal, might prevent a lot of diabetics, and I might never have become diabetic, or needed to do a diet as extreme as low carb.

Furthermore, if one accepts the idea that too many carbs get turned into body fat, and diabetics don't use glucose efficiently, then diabetics would seem to be more likely to trend towards obesity. So we increase carbs in the 70's, and our bodies can't handle that many, we start storing all this extra fuel as fat, the fat is removed from our food, and replaced with sugar, and salt, and we become diabetic, have high BP, and start gaining weight steadily. We become obese, and start having heart problems, and cancer.

At the same time that we have solved many health issues with science, we have massively increased dietary disease, but still cling to the idea that our diet is healthy, even though the increases started back in the 1890's when we starting refining grain, and developed soda, and then even accelerated even more when we determined there was a problem ( heart attacks ), and increased carbs in the 70's. Types of carbs also matter, but quantity has an undeniable bearing on the dietary diseases increasing in our population. Early numbers can be attributed to learning how to diagnose these diseases better, but we have been able to diagnose these properly for decades now, and the trend is always upwards.

Looking at this data, whether from 1890, or 1970, you can see how dietary changes have influenced disease increases, and now our only debate is how to change our diet to solve the problem. Any dietitian will let you know that they don't want anyone eating the S.A.D, and even what the govt. recommends is much healthier, and might have some benefit.

My only concern about even the govt. diet, is that so many people have cravings, and it isn't their daily diet that is a problem. They do so well all day long ( most do ), and stick to 1200-1550, and eat salad, and oatmeal, and are so proud. Then around 10 p.m., they are starving, and ravenous, and go on a binge, or hit the fast food place, or have pizza delivered. At that point, we need to decide.. Is the junk food the problem, or the fact that the " healthy " food made us ravenous?

No matter what, the solution is dietary, and we obviously haven't figured much of it out at all. For some it will be the recommended diet, for others vegan, still others low carb etc. etc. The problem is the one diet fits all theory we have. I think the most important thing to note is what gets cut on all these diets that manage a disease. Those foods are the problem.

** before you all think I mean carbs in general pertaining to a low carb diet, stop and think that many low carb dieters end up close to what a diabetic diet person consumes, many even eating pasta, bread, and potatoes, although maybe less often. Most of the carbs cut on a low carb diet are the same as what you would cut on other diets. At the start we cut a lot more out, but on the diet, we spend most of our time adding carbs back in. I'm not talking about the low levels we eat in our weight loss phases.

I'm talking about the cake, doughnuts, fast food, pop etc., which no one should ever consume, or at the very least reserve for special occasions. Cake used to be for birthdays, not for Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Going out to eat at a restaurant was something people did once a month. Yes, restaurant food isn't as good.

If everyone cooked home meals, consisting of real food, and no added sugar, we would be a healthier nation, and world. Diet caused these diseases to increase, so the idea that reversing the changes to our diet to reverse the trend of increased disease seems like common sense, but most people are still trying to fix it in hospitals, and laboratories, not in kitchens.

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3/6/14 8:18 A

I think that there are cases in which a diet change can make an illness seem cured or possibly even cure it. There's a well-known fruitarian who suffered from terrible hyperglycemia growing up and, when she became a fruitarian, her hyperglycemia seemed to disappear. She hasn't had any symptoms ever since.

Changing our diet will change things in the body which may sometimes "cure" certain diseases. We have control over our own bodies through the foods we eat. Eating certain ways can cause changes to our bodies that may help certain issues we have had.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/5/14 9:38 A

Rusell - what you stated was what I was trying to get at - maybe not in such an eloquent manner?

I never claimed all diseases (although I wish that it could!!!).

It worked for me. Again, maybe coincidence? Maybe with Ella it was also coincidence. Maybe what ailed her just ran it's course, and the disease would have ended anyway?

It is our culture that it's just easier to take a pill.

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3/5/14 9:34 A

My husband (who is not overweight) is being treated for chronic pain syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the lower limbs and other chronic post operative pain due to an industrial accident he had about 20 years ago. Recently he was referred to a new doctor who specializes in pain management. Although the doc is keeping him on his pain meds, he gave us homework part of which was exploring his website . I've spent a couple hours there this morning and found that it contains a lot of useful information about diet and how our eating habits impact our health. I found it very interesting, helpful for not only my husband but for me, the overweight one, who has been so unsuccessful for such a long time in reducing her weight. I share the link here in the hopes that it may be of help to others. I've been using SparkPeople's website for over three years without much success. I hope incorporating some of this doctor's ideas will help get me moving in the right direction.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/5/14 1:56 A

I believe that a lot of our diseases are caused by our current diet, and by switching to healthier eating we can reverse the diseases.

I did a thread a while ago in my diabetes team, and no one really answered the idea of the thread. It became a fight about whether diabetes could be cured or not.

I have had a regular A1C without any meds, and without saying that my low carb which has controlled my diabetes was a "cure ", I asked what would be a cure.

We always say that there is no cure for X disease, but we don't define what a cure would be. So if we were cured, who would know? I eat my meals, I don't check my blood sugars, and when my doctor tests my A1C every 6 months, it is in the low 5's. Am I cured? probably not, but most of the people telling me that diabetes can't be cured have no idea how you would define a cure for diabetes. They are just repeating the idea that diabetes can't be cured, because they heard it from someone else.

What is a much more likely possibility, is that if people ate the way I do before developing diabetes, they wouldn't GET diabetes in the first place. The same may be true for this Ella Woodward. If she eats a vegan, healthy diet, she may never have any issues again, or may never have had the problem in the first place.

It's amusing that everyone says a high fat diet can cause heart problems, so don't eat high fat, and if you do, and get a heart condition, they give the same advice.. lower fat, and sodium. Obviously, they think diet can prevent problems, or help control them even after you get them, so why not with diabetes, or this problem that Ella had. Seems the same thing to me.

For now I am just someone with normal to low blood sugars, who doesn't have to test, or take medications. Most of you that live like this are called normal, but I am still a diabetic.

Instead of being skeptical, we should be doing more testing. Our goal should be to solve these problems with diet. Yes, in the short term, we may need meds, but the goal of every doctor for diseases caused by diet, should be to fix the patient's diet, and get rid of the pills eventually. To me this seems normal. I eat right, lose weight, and no longer have to take pills. The idea of wanting to stay on pills, seems stupid to me. It was very hard to convince my doctor to take me off all diabetes, and cholesterol meds. They WANT to put you on a pill. It is easier for them. Take a pill, problem solved! Now we think that is normal.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 9:55 P

I hope so emoticon

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
3/4/14 9:35 P

I think what he's experienced could be nothing more than the natural course of his disease. Juicers? Maybe that's how Jack LaLanne lived to the ripe old age of 96, too emoticon . I admired both of 'em, but I think longevity or the relatively benign course of a chronic illness could be due to myriad factors, too multifactorial to allow for really accurate, pinpoint analysis.

And, thanks so much for your kind thoughts :) I really appreciate them! You know what? As complex as MS and cancer may be, I often wonder (reading Medscape Today) if we're not on the cusp of some really transformative developments along those lines. Let's hope! emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 8:04 P

Not to laugh, but if it cured MS and Cancer I think we'd all have heard about by now.

I did say in the beginning I don't think healthy eating can cure everything - I wish it could cure your MS :)

But - while we are talking about it - what do you think about Montel Williams claims that he isn't as bad off due to his diet - or is it really because he sells some kind of juicing machine?

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
3/4/14 7:57 P

I'm not familiar with the type of tachycardia this young woman had, but I'm glad she's improved via diet.

But as someone with MS, I am beyond weary of the people who tell me that if I ate in some unproven, legendary, "healthy" fashion, I could cure myself. I've had MS for 21 years (at least - that's when the spinal tap and MRI showed up as diagnostic for the disease, but symptoms often precede clinical diagnosis), and I've been approached by numerous ignorant people who insisted I wasn't trying "hard enough," diet-wise, after which they'd thrust all sorts of nonsensical fads at me. I tried many of them and found they were "BS for MS."

MS can go into remission all by itself ...and without any prompting from diet, funky herbs, etc.

My MS stopped progression the minute I went on one of the injectable immunomodulators, so that was the fortunate, dramatic remedy for me.

Do I eat a healthy, relatively unprocessed diet? Absolutely! But the immunomodulators helped me YEARS before I started eating healthy.

That's my two cents, and all the crusaders in the world won't change my take on this. I also lost 80 lbs. and have been at a normal/slim weight for several years now. One's mileage may vary, and I'm all for people doing what they feel they must. I get weary of pushy people who nag me with folkloric "cures."

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 7:41 P

Well, the reason this interest me is that for the last 15 years I've basically eaten garbage - and every winter I would get an upper respiratory infection that would lead to bronchitis - 2 times that lead to other complications, which lead me to be hospitalized with lung failure and had to be intubated both times - the last time I was in a medically induced coma for 8 days after being airlifted to Temple.

I changed my diet in september, and have noticed a radical change in my health. So far this winter (knock on wood) I've not gotten sick one time. My diet is the only thing that has changed.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Maybe with that girl it was also a coincidence.

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ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
3/4/14 7:32 P

Actually, if you do a quick search on the condition that it is mentioned that she had, you'll find that there is no known cause, and that they aren't even sure if it is an auto-immune disorder. It appears that about 80% of patients have it eventually clear up without intervention (with some folks having it come and go for a while), although they do treat the symptoms if necessary for functioning. The primary treatment is to encourage the patient to increase sodium in the diet as well as increase hydration. There are a few drugs that can be used as well, ones which primarily target increasing blood pressure.

It's nice that she has learned to eat a healthier diet that she enjoys, that she shares good recipes, and that she's feeling better --- but there is no reason to think that the change in diet did anything at all in having her symptoms clear up.

I really wish that the journalist who wrote the piece had taken two minutes to do some basic research on the condition so that there were some actual facts involved and not baseless hype.

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,401
3/4/14 7:25 P

Great blog!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 7:19 P

OK - and eating healthy is what cured her.

She could have gone her whole life eating crap and being ill, yet she learned about food, and healthy eating (for her) and she cured herself of this.

That's kinda the point of this. Eating healthy made her better, hence the title The Power of Healthy Eating.

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3/4/14 7:12 P

"After a lifetime of eating processed, sugar-filled junk food, this was a big challenge for her.

"I hated fruits, I hated vegetables, I had no idea was quinoa was," she tells the Good News"

Obviously she DID have a history of 'crappy' eating, which means that theoretically going on to a very healthy diet she had a possibility of reversing the problem.


EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 6:50 P

It could have been - but for her eating healthy is what cured it.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (228,922)
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3/4/14 6:37 P

I think that IF poor nutrition was (in part) the CAUSE of the illness, then eating properly should be able to reverse it.

That is different from everyone who has that illness being able to 'cure' themselves by appropriate nutrition alone.


EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/4/14 5:47 P

Do you believe in it? I do - and not just for weight loss!!

This chick had a autoimmune illness, and she cured herself with food - and is now off medication:

Do I believe food can cure all illness? No, but I do think a healthy diet can do wonders.

P.S. - the article has a link to her food blog, and while I am neither vegan, nor gluten fee - I have to say, her recipes look amazing!!!!!

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