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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/26/13 7:18 P

I tell those voices that it is my healthy life style and I get to decide how this turns out. I try real hard to turn those negative comments into positive ones. I also reward myself for the positive changes I make in my life.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
5/26/13 6:47 P

Love your play with words using "negative committee"! How clever!

I used to post a list on the wall by the bed. When the alarm goes off to exercise, the light goes on, and I read my list of motivators. These items are the reasons I am committed to exercise. The list is long. By the time I review it each day, I can think of no excuses not to get up a little earlier than normal to exercise! I hope that idea can work for you.

Nicole Nichols compiled a list of "100 reasons to exercise now" with contributors from SP message boards. Worth reading if you can find it.

The main thing is to remember you are learning to think differently to get yourself moving.
Also be encouraged if you lose 1-2 pounds per week. It didn't come on fast, and it is not going away fast. Be steady, consistent, and keep reading and learning to make lifestyle changes.

You are not on a "diet". You are changing your habits and lifestyle. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Congratulate yourself for small changes and improvement. Seek support wherever you can find it - on this website, at Weight Watchers, at the local gym or YMCA, or with friends, family, or neighbors. If any of the latter are naysayers, just stay away from them.

Out of my six brothers, sisters, and my parents, I am the only one committed to daily exercise. At age 55, my health is better than many of theirs. I started working out daily 40 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Keep moving and don't give up!

5/26/13 8:14 A

1) Ask the negative committee what it suggests you do to regain your health.

No answers? Then suggest, however politely, that the members don't get to carp--no help, no voice in the decision-making process.

2) Ask yourself what you get by giving in to the committee.

No progress?

No thank you.

Best of success to you.

KSJ040 SparkPoints: (3,486)
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Posts: 35
5/23/13 5:30 P

After being MIA from sparkpeople and exercise and diet for several months...I find myself beginning anew....The first week of exercise was very tough for me...I felt winded, tired, stressed, unmotivated. I really had to push myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. One thing that helped me to stick with it was joining up with a friend to walk after work. I felt compelled to show up and then once there we pushed each other to go faster, or farther. When I knew she was waiting on me, I couldn't be the slacker to not go! After a week....I started feeling energized about my workouts...actually craving them! Now if I miss a day I feel less energy. Hang in there and push yourself through this intiation phase! One day soon you won't hear the committee anymore.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
5/7/13 10:46 A

Lying to myself about when I'll stop is a big one of mine. :D The dialogue goes something like this:

Negative voices: You don't need to run intervals today. You're too tired
Me: I do need to, but only 10 mins, ok?
NV: Ok deal
*10 mins later*
Me: that felt pretty good. How about another 10 min mile?
NV: emoticon
Me: emoticon

CILER11 Posts: 265
5/7/13 10:26 A

I just lie to myself. I'm only going to do 10 minutes...or I'll go a little easier today. It seems that once I get going they shut up. As far as for the soreness you could try a foam roller or some yoga.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/6/13 11:33 A

I once read on here "it's easier to stay fit than it is to get fit".

The first week here was HARD. I was sore, I didn't know how to eat right. Everything I knew was wrong. But then I got a little better at lifting here, was able to run a little further there, was able to put together a healthy meal within my ranges, night after night. It wasn't hard anymore - what was hard was thinking back and realizing that I took so long to make positive changes in my life.

One foot in front of the other, one change at a time, and you'll soon have that feeling of being able to do anything - EVEN silence the committee!

LASTBASTION SparkPoints: (3,257)
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Posts: 130
5/6/13 11:28 A

Thanks! I'll remember about the strides and keeping my back straight. Good advice!

And I have to keep telling myself that it's okay to congratulate myself occasionally.

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BEEZAUR SparkPoints: (525)
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Posts: 74
5/6/13 11:13 A

Here are two things I have found help me.

First, expect difficulty. We are doing difficult things here, things that are by no means easy. There will be some discomfort (but only so much). There will be things that we have to push ourselves to do. We're not taking easy paths, but they lead to our goals.

Second, congratulate yourself on accomplishments. When a difficult task is accomplished, Yay! Not everyone is to the point of undertaking the things we are doing. Yet we are moving forward; we are making our own lives better.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,615
5/6/13 11:05 A

do it early if you can, less time for the negative thoughts to manifest. Also, are you overstriding? That's probably the cause of the pain. Shorten your stride and hold your back straight, don't lean in.

LASTBASTION SparkPoints: (3,257)
Fitness Minutes: (632)
Posts: 130
5/6/13 11:02 A

Thanks for all the encouraging words! I love SparkPeople!!!! I'm going to hang out the jeans I want to get into! And I already get up before the negative committee and exercise in the morning but they're getting hip to that. LOL

And suggestions for the aching back & legs?

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LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
5/6/13 10:34 A

I just wake up earlier than they do. If I exercise first thing in the morning, by the time the demotivational voices start up in my head, I'm usually already 10 mins into my workout.

tl;dr: Don't think about exercise, just do it.

LISS741 SparkPoints: (27,095)
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Posts: 337
5/6/13 10:17 A

I'm all about surrounding myself with little motivators. I have a shirt dress that I desperatly want to fit into, so I keep it hanging out the outside of my closet so I can see it every time I walk in my bed room. Find the little things that you need to keep you in the grove of staying with the exercise!

JENSTRESS Posts: 4,997
5/6/13 10:06 A

I do a couple of things.

The other day, when I was sitting and thinking about how far I still have to go, and that it would still take so long... I realized, I could quit what I am doing, maybe not gain the weight back, but I wouldn't be anywhere closer to my goals, and the time will still pass. I thought, I won't get to where I want to be by staying where I am.

Tell yourself it is only 15 minutes. Then eventually keep bumping it up until you are doing the stronger, longer distance routines!

I have found that the more habitual you make something, the quieter the negative comittee gets. Do it a month, and you will start to see some results, and it will help silence that committee!!!

LASTBASTION SparkPoints: (3,257)
Fitness Minutes: (632)
Posts: 130
5/6/13 9:57 A

Today is my 3rd day of changing my life. I have noticed that my lower back and legs are aching like crazy from doing Leslie Sansone's 15 minute mile.

I know that it will pass with time. I know it gets easier. I know it's worth it.

However.... there's no one to tell me this every morning when I need to do it and I'm afraid I'm going to talk myself out of it.

The negative committee in my head needs to shut up. emoticon

Anyone have a suggestion on how to appease the committe and silence them?

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