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3/26/13 9:33 P

Hey, guess what? I tried swimming in the ocean on Sunday! It was a bay, so no waves. I stayed very close to shore. In any case I swam for twenty minutes mostly with my face above water and with an eye toward the shore. I did not want to leave the safety of the sandy beach out of sight. It was odd to swim in such frigid, salty, murky water, but it was awesome!

KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
3/18/13 10:46 A

Way to go! You were sent a helper, and it wasn't apparent at first. Congrats on your success!

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3/18/13 8:28 A


CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
3/16/13 8:07 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You are stronger than you think. Give yourself the right to cheer and motivate yourself to new heights.
Best wishes on your journey to better health

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3/15/13 4:20 P

Way to go you swimmer, you!

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
3/14/13 9:19 P

Thanks for sharing your success! emoticon

You turned an irksome situation into a positive. Keep up the good work!

GORIANA Posts: 4,420
3/14/13 7:48 P

I have been working on getting more comfortable swimming in deep waters. Towards that end I swim every M/W in the deep pool of my school. Until yesterday I was always in the lane by the wall and on side of the lane closest to the wall (If you share a lane with one person, you split it in half. Each swims on one side of the black line in the center of the line.)

Usually I have the lane to myself. Yesterday I had to share. He just jumped in and took the side closest to the wall. Most swimmers prefer to be on the inside b/c on the other side you might bump the wall in certain strokes. It is customary for the arriving swimmer to ask the one that got there first her preference. He didn't ask.

At first it irked me, then I realized he did me a favor. I also swam with my head towards the pool. as opposed to the wall. This makes the vastness of the water more apparent. It was something I was avoiding.

I need to get over it. I can swim for an hour in the shallow pool. The deep pool is no different w/regards to my swimming. Yeah, I can't touch the bottom and have my head out in the air, but I don't need to. AND every time I've swam in the deep pool, all things turn out great. It will continue to be great.

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