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2/15/11 5:58 P

I have read this book and have done the detox and and am currently on the glyci-med diet. The premise is not about fad dieting. It is about the toxins that are in our daily foods that are making us fat. Hormones in milk and chicken, chemicals in plastic containers, pesticides on our vegetables not to mention the chemicals that we rub all over our bodies on a daily basis. The premise is that we can correlate the increase in obesity to how our food is grown, packaged, processed, colored, preserved,etc. I am now eating nothing but certified organic fruit, veg, dairy, meat, whole grains, no refined foods and taking additional vitamins and herbs and I feel the best I've felt in years. I lost 8# in the first 3 weeks, I wake up refreshed, I have energy all day, I no longer have hot flashes, I no longer have reflux and have quit taking my prescription and best of all I no longer binge, because I no longer have the cravings. My husband has been going right along with me and we are now planning our organic vegetable garden. I don't measure anything, I don't journal anything, I don't count calories or carbs. I believe I have found my home in this plan. This is not a fad for me.

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12/12/10 11:50 P

I gave up caffeine during my pregnancy (26 years ago), now I'm wondering why in the world I went back? I seldom drink diet sodas, maybe one or two a month. I was already drinking mostly water, but really enjoyed my coffee every morning. It has been part of my ritual and something I really looked forward to, but guess it has to go! I've made so many changes the past few months, what's one more? Thanks for the warning! I still remember the headaches.

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12/12/10 7:06 P

Congratulations on giving up the caffeine - warning - the withdrawal is not so wonderful. It takes 9 days I read somewhere to be totally over the addiction. And for me the worst headaches were days 2 and 3. Really bad - but that actually made me realize how much of a dependency I really had and made me want to stop all the more. I'm feeling soooo much better now - hoping that you will experience the same! Good luck!!
PS I'm reading The Hormone Diet now and they are also making a really good case for stopping diet soda (aspartame is a no no).

Water is looking better all the time, huh?

12/12/10 5:05 P

Thanks for the replies. I have read everything Spark has on menopause (and many other articles as well) and seem to be doing everything right. Only thing I have not been willing to do is give up caffeine. Guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet! Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!

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12/12/10 10:47 A

Rodale is one of the worst publishers out there...they will publish ANYTHING.....

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12/12/10 10:27 A

No need to waste your money on the book.
Just eat healthy food- that's what your body wants no matter what it's going through.
There's good articles here on spark to read about menopause.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/12/10 3:03 A

Fad diets don't work, you have perfectly good tools at your fingers if you ask for help to set up your sparks page..

1. meal structure follow the structure not the choices sparks recommends.. replace stuff suggested for something else from the same family of food if you dislike their options..
2. weigh and measure food- make dead sure your getting the amount and not guessing (sorry people but guessing causes more plateaus and people giving up than anything else)
3. Regular exercise, don't have to go bananas- just move the recommended 10,000 steps daily.. We actually need this or what equals to 3 hours on our feet especially women to avoid lossing bone mass and getting brittle bones..
4. It is solid healthy eating practises and not diets that promise fast weight loss that work long haul..
5. Healthy food doesn't have to be less, or gag it down protein bar or meal replacements either..

Food has to look like eye candy on the plate, thus more time in the kitchen is a must.. Want a body that rocks, gotta make food that appeals and keeps on appealing and taking advance of the time to remove harmful saturated fat and as much sugar and processed foods as possible..

It ain't rocket science to loss weight it is patience, hard work and sitting down assessin problems before giving up.. Ask for help- many good people on sparks will come with solutions, never feel alone..


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FITFABME2 Posts: 3,944
12/12/10 1:24 A

Just bought it and feel like a total sucker for buying from Rosdale - something like $40+ with shipping and handling. If you are going to buy it at least try Amazon used - it's what I should have done. Book is probably okay but I'm sure not worth $40.

12/11/10 11:52 P

I had a junk e-mail from Rodale (Prevention Mag) touting a new book, "The Hormone Diet" by Natasha Turner. The only reason I gave it a second glance is that I'm dealing with menopause and am not a candidate for HRT. While I have no intentions of dieting ever again, I would love to find nutritionally sound ways to deal with my old lady problems! If anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear about your experience. If you don't want to admit you bought yet another diet book, just pm me! It'll be our little secret. emoticon

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